Insisting on ingenuity and quality building, Kermit Aluminum Do not forget your initiative mind, strove forward

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At the beginning of March, the country launched the "two sessions model". In this year's government work report, the country once again mentioned the need to vigorously promote the spirit of craftsmen, cultivate craftsman culture, scrupulously practice professional ethics, advocate excellence, and cultivate many "Chinese craftsmen". Create more world-renowned "Chinese brands" and promote China's economic development into an era of quality. Shandong Kemet Aluminum follows the pace of the country and moves forward. Since its establishment, it has always adhered to the quality of ingenuity and maintained a high degree of "same frequency resonance" with the national policy ".

At the same time, it has been reported by many media such as Xinhuanet, Phoenix, Qilu Evening News, NetEase Home, Tencent Home, etc., and has attracted widespread attention from all walks of life!

Along the way, Kemet Aluminum has achieved rapid and steady development from toddler to stride forward, and its sales volume has continued to reach new highs. In a few short years, it has become a veritable "leader" in the aluminum industry. The reason is nothing more than its adherence to ingenuity and quality.

"Any success cannot be achieved overnight. Since the establishment of the enterprise, we have been adhering to the concept of 'making high quality the norm and making good products the future. 'It will not change in the future." When the author asked the reason for the rapid development of Kemet Aluminum, Qian always said so.
ingenuity quality comes from the high standard of raw materials and manufacturing process
"only by producing high-quality products can they be favored by consumers and stand firm in a highly competitive market environment."
Under the circumstances that the quality of the aluminum profile market is uneven and many merchants replace the inferior with the superior and the inferior, in order to realize the high quality of the products, Kemet Aluminum Co., Ltd. has always insisted on using good raw materials and manufacturing technology at all costs, and cooperated with the first-line brand manufacturers in the industry in the aspect of raw material procurement: aluminum rod procurement, the powder adopts the internationally renowned brand Aksu powder, the heat insulation strip adopts the heat insulation strip manufacturer Shanghai Youtai heat insulation strip, and the door and window system accessories adopt the international product accessories brand Noto of Germany, which effectively guarantees the product quality.
In addition, Kemet Aluminum has introduced German production technology. All production lines adopt relatively advanced production equipment, and cooperate with the best raw materials to truly grasp the quality of products from the source.
ingenuity quality comes from strict management of product quality
"We always believe that only stable product quality can be favored by consumers and can stand firm in a competitive market environment."
High-quality raw materials and technology are the first step in casting a good product. In addition, it is particularly important to check the quality of the product. Since its establishment, Kemet Aluminum has always been focusing on lean production, and quality management has been implemented to all details of production. For all employees, the company has established a complete quality training system, and regularly conducts job skills training for personnel in various positions to ensure the company Every employee has a high awareness of product quality, and every employee is a product quality expert.
Moreover, for quality control, Kemet Aluminum has set up a quality supervision department and a laboratory, bringing together more than 200 quality inspection personnel with excellent professional quality, even accounting for 1/5 of the total number of employees, clearly ensuring that every product manufactured by Kemet is strictly quality controlled from production to delivery, and eliminating the possibility of any unqualified product flowing out.
ingenuity quality comes from the unremitting pursuit of technological innovation
"in the increasingly fierce market competition, if enterprises want to achieve long-term development, they must attach importance to technological innovation on the basis of ensuring product quality and constantly open more breakthroughs in market competition."
Kemet Aluminum continues to transform its product quality into a driving force for development on the basis of product quality reaching the standard, and continuously develops new products and improves product quality. Penetrating from senior leaders to subordinates, Kemet Aluminum has a strong scientific research team with reasonable knowledge structure led by technical leaders with high technical level and rich practical experience, including 660 scientific and technological personnel, 80 people with senior professional titles, 180 people with intermediate professional titles and 5 chief quality executives. In addition, Kemet Aluminum has established close cooperative relations of production, learning and research with Shandong University, Central South University and Linyi University, and has become the scientific research and experimental base of many authoritative universities in China.
completed more than 33 key innovation projects in 2016, successively established "provincial enterprise technology center" and "municipal insulation profile engineering research and development center", and won the honorary title of "national high-tech enterprise. Among them, the high-end door and window curtain wall system-Mikel door and window curtain wall system independently developed by Kemet Aluminum was awarded the title of "Shandong Province Building Door and Window Industry System Door and Window Research and Development Enterprise" at the Shandong Province Door and Window Curtain Wall Industry Work Conference last year. This is the first batch of approval for system door and window research and development qualifications in Shandong Province. Highlights the company's overall strong research and development capabilities and scientific and technological innovation level.
is skilled in technology, craftsman in heart, good in practice, and with a sincere heart. Kemet Aluminum has developed from the original dark horse in the industry to the first-line brand in today's industry. We believe that an enterprise that adheres to the quality of ingenuity will definitely develop on a long-term basis in the society and on the new journey, achieve a new leap!