Kemet Share | What is the impact of the quality of aluminum profiles on the performance of doors and windows?

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In fact, in the production process of aluminum alloy doors and windows, aluminum is one of the very important components of the material, the quality of aluminum directly affects the wind pressure resistance, sealing and service life of doors and windows.

The surface of high-quality aluminum profiles is shiny and textured, and the surface spraying color treatment will be more natural, giving people a smooth feeling. And inferior aluminum oxide film thickness thin, unqualified chemical composition, low profile wall thickness, a large number of reduced closure time, which will seriously endanger the safety of construction projects. Therefore, aluminum profiles are really important for aluminum alloy doors and windows.

1. aluminum profile affects the wind pressure resistance of doors and windows

inferior aluminum profile, toughness is not strong enough, wind pressure resistance is weak, if it is a coastal area, whenever a typhoon comes, the doors and windows of the home are easy to be "crushed" by the typhoon to cause deformation or fall off.

2. aluminum profiles affect the air tightness of doors and windows

The air tightness of doors and windows can be simply understood as: the ability of doors and windows to prevent air penetration under normal closed conditions. Poor quality aluminum doors and windows are prone to gaps, which can lead to negative consequences such as air leakage or dust entry.

3. aluminum profile affects the sound insulation of doors and windows

The sound insulation of doors and windows affects the happiness index of family life at home. One of the factors influencing the sound insulation of doors and windows is aluminum profile. The structure of the frame material is directly reflected. The splicing of the window sash is not effective. There is no way to make a perfect fit between the aluminum profiles. Naturally, the sound insulation effect cannot be done well.

4. aluminum profiles affect the use experience and life of doors and windows

inferior aluminum materials, not only the surface color is dim, but also the aesthetics is not good. In the later use process, deformation, falling off, cracks, etc. will affect the home experience.

How should 5. choose aluminum?

01 Strength

Strength must be considered when choosing aluminum. Aluminum profiles should be selected according to the application scenarios of aluminum, and aluminum profiles suitable for our site should be selected.


Different application scenarios have different requirements on the hardness of materials. From the high hardness of Z, 7 series, 2 series, 4 series, 6 series, 5 series, 3 series, 1 series decreased in turn.

Corrosion resistance

The selection principle of corrosion resistance should be determined according to its application. When used in a corrosive environment of high-strength alloys, various anti-corrosion composite materials must be used.


There are many types of aluminum profiles that can be welded. Select the appropriate welding type according to the application scenario.

05 Decoration

When aluminum profiles are used for decoration or some specific occasions, the surface of aluminum profiles needs various technological methods to obtain aluminum surfaces of different colors. Aluminum profiles with strong corrosion resistance are materials that can meet the decoration requirements.