About Kemet

Total land occupation

1000 Acres

Annual Capacity

20 million tons

deep processing ability

50 Ten thousand
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Kemet Share | Aluminum Classic Engineering Case Will Show You!

Kemet has always followed the development concept of "integration, innovation, and progress", vigorously implemented the value chain layout and big brand development strategy, and continued to innovate in the Chinese profile market, and successively won many honors: "National High-tech Enterprise", "National Specialized Special New Small Giant Enterprise", "Top 20 Chinese Construction Aluminum Profile Enterprises", "China Real Estate Building Insulation Aluminum Profile Preferred Strength Brand", "China Aluminum Industry Top Ten Ingenuity Brands", "China Aluminum Profile Industry Top Ten Influential Brands", "China Patent Shandong Star Enterprise", "Shandong Famous Brand", "Shandong Famous Trademark", "Shandong Contract-abiding and Credit-abiding Enterprise", "Mayor's Quality Award", etc, and has been continuously selected as the provincial and municipal construction industrial products association, doors and windows curtain wall professional committee chairman unit. Kemet products and Kemet brands have been widely recognized, and more and more Kemet products have been applied to landmark projects around the world.

Kemet share | aluminum alloy doors and windows to buy 8 tips, you must know!

Among many building materials, aluminum alloy doors and windows must be used in home decoration. As the first line of defense, doors and windows not only protect the safety of the home, but also reflect the taste of the room. In the face of a dazzling array of products, consumers should be how to choose the right aluminum alloy? In the strong promotional smoke of major businesses, the selection of a practical aluminum alloy products has become a point of concern for many people.

Kemet Share | Why is spring decoration the most suitable in a year? You must know before you start work!

Winter goes to spring, the temperature rises, everyone began to prepare to decorate their favorite house, as the saying goes, "the four seasons of the year lie in spring", spring is undoubtedly a very important season in people's minds. Many people know that spring is suitable for farming, but did you know that spring is also a good season for decoration.

Kemet Share | What is the impact of the quality of aluminum profiles on the performance of doors and windows?

In fact, in the production process of aluminum alloy doors and windows, aluminum is one of the very important components of the material, the quality of aluminum directly affects the wind pressure resistance, sealing and service life of doors and windows.

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