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Kemit Corporation organizes human resource management expertise training activities

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2019/01/15 15:51
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  On January 3, 2019, Chemite held a human resources management professional knowledge training activity in the training room on the fifth floor of the office building of the new materials factory. The main contents involved the "recruitment system and interview physical objects" and the thinking and path of talent training upgrade. "Two aspects." This training event specially invited the domestic professional consulting company Mr. Zhang to give lectures. The company's middle and senior management personnel and related functional department staff participated in the training activities.
  In the recruitment management training, Mr. Zhang gave a detailed explanation on how to improve the recruitment process and how to establish an effective recruitment channel through the combination of theory and practice, so that everyone has a new understanding of the recruitment work. In the training of talent training, Mr. Zhang explained the thinking and path of talent cultivation, enriched the theoretical knowledge of talent training, opened up the horizon, and provided the training for follow-up personnel. Theoretical basis.
  After the training, everyone unanimously stated that through this training activity, the importance of their roles will be further clarified, and the methods and methods in recruitment and talent training will be fully optimized, the effectiveness of each work will be ensured, and the company's development will be continuously provided. The reserve talent power.
  Since its inception, Chemmit Business School has fully integrated various resources to provide employees with various training activities tailored to their needs, in order to improve the comprehensive ability of employees, and gradually improve individual work performance, thereby promoting the overall improvement of organizational performance.