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Strive to create a new situation - Kaimit company held 2018 annual business work summary and 2019 work plan meeting

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2019/01/15 15:52
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  After the reunification, Vientiane is updated. On the afternoon of January 2, 2019, Kemet's 2018 annual business work summary and 2019 work plan meeting was held in the training room on the fifth floor of the new material factory office building. Chairman and general manager of the company, Mr. Qian Chunping, and group leader Yang Zengyu. The company's middle and senior management personnel, marketing system staff, workshop director and above management personnel and logistics department staff attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Comrade Ou Qunlin, the company's executive deputy general manager.
  The meeting began in a solemn atmosphere. In the warm applause, Qian Zong made a work report on "Kemite's 2018 annual business work summary and 2019 work plan".
  Mr. Qian pointed out that in 2018, the domestic and international market environment is complicated, and various uncertain factors are intertwined. Although the overall environment is bad, with the joint efforts of Kaimit partners and all employees, the performance of various work is contrarian. The production and sales volume increased steadily, the market continued to advance, the product exquisite construction achieved remarkable results, the process management was gradually standardized and streamlined, the security work was continuously improved and improved, the whole house all-aluminum custom products highlighted, and the brand value influence continued to rise... The Grand Management Center has its own role and played an active role in the excellent work performance achieved in 2018.
  In 2019, the market environment is still grim, but opportunities and challenges coexist. For the work plan of 2019, Mr. Qian emphasized that the company will focus on “management to meet the needs of production capacity, business efficiency as the core, quality, quasi-interaction and efficiency as the working principle, and innovation (management, technology, products). ) To guide and continue to strengthen the guiding ideology of 'Kemite' brand building. According to the established business policy and business objectives of 2019, we will strengthen management improvement work in an all-round way and lay a solid foundation for the successful completion of the established annual production and operation goals.
  At the meeting, the company's senior management, sales department, production department responsible person in turn signed the "2019 performance contract" with the general manager, the performance contract was systematically elaborated, and made a statement. Everyone said that they will go all out to overcome difficulties and ensure that they complete the tasks assigned by the company.
  Subsequently, the group leader Yang Zong made an important speech, congratulated the company on the achievements in 2018, and also raised ardent hopes and requirements for the company's work in 2019, further enhancing the company's confidence and determination to achieve the 2019 business objectives.
  The goal has been established and the ship has sailed. In 2019, Chemet will closely focus on the company's business plan objectives, give full play to the functions of various departments, unite and cooperate, work hard, go forward, and work hard to successfully complete the work plan goals as scheduled!