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Kemit was invited to participate in the 2019 Annual Meeting of Luoyang Doors, Windows and Curtains Association

Company News
2019/01/15 15:50
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  On January 6th, 2019, the annual meeting of Luoyang Building Materials Door and Window Industry - Luoyang Door and Window Curtain Wall Association 2019 Annual Meeting was grandly opened, more than 100 elites of upstream and downstream enterprises in the door and window industry gathered together, and Kemit was invited to participate. The annual meeting, and won the "Luoyang Building Materials Door and Window Curtain Wall Association 2019 annual strategic partner" honorary plaque. Comrade Liu Mingjun, director of the company's sales northwest region, attended the annual meeting on behalf of the company.
  At the meeting, Comrade Wang Zeming, president of the Luoyang Door and Window Curtain Wall Association, summarized the work of the association in 2018, summed up the development of the Luoyang door and window curtain wall association, and the achievements in 2018, and emphasized the development prospects and development of the association in 2019. direction. The list of 2019 annual strategic partners of Luoyang Building Materials Door and Window Curtain Wall Association was also announced.
  President Wang said that in 2019, the members of the association will be led to visit the above-mentioned award-winning strategic partners and deepen communication to promote cooperation among member units.
  At the meeting, a colorful member association was held, and the wonderful programs and lucky draws attracted the cheers on the scene. The atmosphere was lively and extraordinary, and this also heralded the splendour and splendor of 2019.
  Luoyang City is a key strategic market of Chemite. Kemet Aluminum has participated in and built many well-known image projects in Luoyang Market, such as Luoyang Xintiandi, Xindali, Thanglong International, Massage Hospital and Shanghai Construction Building. Kemit will always maintain a high standard of production, strictly control product quality, and continuously improve service levels, and provide more high-quality products and meticulous services for the Luoyang market, contributing to urban construction and home quality construction in Luoyang!