global hot information! Building Decoration Industry Policy 2023: Policies Provide Development Opportunities for Building Decoration Industry

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Building decoration into social development is necessary, China's building decoration materials in the enterprise accounted for a higher proportion of the market. At present, with the promotion of urbanization, the investment of governments at all levels in transportation, municipal and other infrastructure, as well as medical, education, sports and other public welfare will provide development opportunities for the building decoration industry. The following is a policy analysis of the building decoration industry in 2023.

building decoration industry in China has a long history of development, in recent years, along with China's rapid economic growth, accelerate the pace of urbanization, China's real estate, construction industry continued to grow, building decoration industry output value continued to grow. According to the China Architecture Yearbook, the total output value of China's building decoration industry in 2015 was 3.4 trillion yuan, the total output value of China's building decoration industry in 2019 reached 4.49 trillion yuan, the total output value of China's building decoration industry increased from 3.4 trillion yuan in 2015 to 5.24 trillion yuan in 2021, and the total output value of China's building decoration industry is expected to reach 5.63 trillion yuan in 2022.

Building decoration materials industry is an important component of China's national economic development, the industry market capacity, high product quality requirements, the state attaches great importance to the development of supporting materials industry, and constantly introduce policies to encourage the promotion and application of new materials. This paper analyzes the policy of building decoration industry in 2023 from four main contents.

The first part, standardize the decoration market behavior. Units engaged in decoration engineering design, supervision, construction and other activities must obtain the qualification certificate issued by the construction administrative department. For new construction, reconstruction, and expansion decoration projects with a construction area of more than 500 square meters, the construction unit (including individuals) must apply to the construction administrative department for a construction permit in accordance with the law before starting construction, and projects that do not need to apply for a decoration construction permit must be registered with the property service company or the property management department before the house is renovated.

second part, cultivate high-quality decoration enterprises.

Strengthen publicity and training, innovate management models, build a team of excellent design and construction practitioners, strictly implement the system of professional personnel holding certificates, and create decoration enterprises with service branding, quality standardization, and professional management. 100000 yuan will be awarded to decoration enterprises that are promoted to the first-class qualification of professional contracting of building decoration and decoration engineering.

Part III Encourages Offsite Market Support Mechanisms.

strongly supports decoration enterprises to contract projects in different places, effectively promotes the development of the industrial chain, establishes a tracking contact and regular consultation system, and actively helps enterprises to match the tower bridge, so that enterprises can better integrate into the local market and create more achievements.

Part IV, Play the Role of Industry Regulation.

Give full play to the role of industry management and industry services, and use the integrity supervision platform to strengthen supervision of decoration enterprises with poor credit.

China's architectural decoration industry is gradually maturing, and leading architectural decoration enterprises have gained more development opportunities. In the future, the development trend of China's architectural decoration industry has been continuously improved, and the high efficiency of interior decoration has also been continuously improved.