Common quality problems in aluminum profile production

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Ordinary production of aluminum quality is a very important issue, the following we will understand the following points:

aluminum profile through casting, extrusion and various surface treatments (mainly including: oxidation, electrophoretic coating, fluorocarbon spraying, powder spraying, wood grain transfer printing, etc.) to form different aluminum profile products.

The quality of aluminum profiles in ordinary production is a very important problem. Let's learn the following points together:

1. has low hardness, burr

1, and low hardness: rod temperature, outlet temperature, cooling speed, framing and placement method, and improper use of aluminum profiles.

2. Burr: The rod temperature is too low, the aluminum rod quality is poor, and the mold is extruded for a long time.

2. Bending, shape, bevel

3. Bending: The aluminum profile is overheated and straightened, the straightening force is insufficient, and the bridge is uneven.

4. Shape: The mold works with a cracked bridge, and the aluminum profile is straightened without gasket deformation.

5. Bevel: The profile is not parallel to the baffle when sawing.

3. strain, injury, abrasion

6, strain: mainly aluminum rod temperature and extrusion speed.

7. Damage: material export graphite, roller wear, belt wear and long and short aluminum profile damage.

8. Scratch: blockage of scaffolding, friction between materials during framing, too dense framing, friction during transportation.

4. concave shadow, inclusion, torsion

9, concave shadow: shelf, conflict, improper embryo installation method.

10, inclusion: aluminum rod, the pressure is too thin, long-term unclear. 11, torsion: straight, aluminum mold design is improper.