How to match the color of doors and windows to show high-end fashion

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In the decoration, many people only pay attention to the material and quality of doors and windows, but ignore the color of doors and windows. How should we choose the doors and windows with so many colors?

In the decoration, many people only pay attention to the material and quality of doors and windows, and ignore the color of doors and windows .

The color of doors and windows will play a finishing touch in the decoration, it not only needs to be integrated with the overall home improvement style, but also unified with the soft furniture, so how should we choose the multi-color doors and windows?

1. Modern Style

Compared to the luxurious and heavy European style, the pure and unpretentious Modern Minimalist Style is simply a clean flow of home style!

But Simplicity is not equal to simplicity. A truly simple design is not only a simplification of design elements, but also a design full of charm. At the same time, it also meets the requirements of people to reduce the pressure of life and promote environmental protection. It is mainly concise and lively, and pays attention to detail.

The color of the doors and windows Kemet recommends that you can choose white oak, brown, black and so on colors. Cold Tone can bring a simple and atmospheric feeling, and can better create a simple and fashionable modern life. It is very commonly used in modern simple style home decoration.

2. pastoral style

If you have a romantic girl's heart, then your home must be pastoral style. The pastoral style shows that is close to nature and yearns for nature .

Pastoral Style Small Fresh Breath Comes to Face, Soft Sofa Pillow with Different Colors and Patterns, Clear Wood Floor, Simple Log Tea Table, etc. Through the collocation of the home, the space exudes the warmth of brought by the pastoral style , which really melts the girl's heart.

pastoral style decoration in the color of doors and windows can choose light oak, metal powder, Mexico teak and other colors. Everyone has a log complex in their hearts. Choose wood grain color doors and windows to give people a relaxed, natural and suddenly enlightened feeling.

3. New Chinese Style

New Chinese Style The overall shape is based on simple lines, which not only conforms to the modern home style, but also has strong Chinese characteristics.

New Chinese styles are alive. They are like an elegant woman who has been precipitated over the years but exudes charming charm. It takes time to savor them. embodies not only quaint and pure, but also elegant and romantic and comfortable.

Kemet suggested that the color of doors and windows can choose gold oak, cherry wood, rosewood, walnut and other colors. Chinese style will not use too bright colors in the use of colors. The main tone of is dark and calm . The doors and windows of red series are also commonly used in Chinese home decoration to match Chinese furniture style.

4. Mix and Match Home Style

Mix and Match Home Style is becoming more and more popular among young people. This combination breaks the single and boring rules and incorporates more elements. Life is full of Personalized .

Mix and match advocates the collocation of different materials, styles and regions, reflecting the compatibility of various styles. This open creative attitude will make it last for a long time in the future.

There is no fixed requirement for the color selection of doors and windows . You can innovate boldly and collide with as much as you like. However, the mix and match style does not mean that you can randomly match, and should pay attention to coordination and aesthetics .
The choice of doors and windows is closely related to the style of house decoration. The shape and color of doors and windows need to be consistent with the overall decoration style of the home space, so as to achieve the overall harmony of the environment and achieve the best decorative effect.