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Kemet company grand appearance at 2018FBC China International Door and Window Curtain Wall Expo

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2019/01/15 15:58
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  On October 31, 2018, the 2018FBC China International Door and Window Curtain Wall Expo was grandly opened at the Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Hall). The company has brought a number of star products made of aluminum and all-aluminum custom-made aluminum products to the exhibition site. After the opening ceremony, the Kemit exhibition hall at booth 203 in Hall W4 has been in full swing, and the scene is lively and extraordinary. The visiting merchants appreciate the healthy and exquisite all-aluminum home feast made of aluminum.
  At the exhibition site, the Kemet exhibition hall is as perfect as the quality blue and fashionable orange. The decoration of the exhibition hall is eye-catching, which highlights the healthy color of nature and the exquisite decoration of the designer.
  With the brand concept of “new vision and aesthetic definition of aluminum and environmental health interpretation of healthy home life”, Kemit has brought a new visual experience to the audience. The Kaimit exhibition hall is not so much a product exhibition hall, but rather a panoramic aluminum home experience museum. It looks out, aluminum alloy door, aluminum alloy window, all-aluminum kitchen, all-aluminum TV cabinet, all-aluminum shoe cabinet, all-aluminum Cabinets, all-aluminum coffee tables, all-aluminum bath cabinets, etc. All-aluminum furniture, this is not only a product, but also an advanced environmentally friendly, stylish and intelligent all-aluminum home solution. There are also a variety of aluminum surface treatment displays to create the "aluminum color world."
  A visual feast and quality home enjoyment brought by all-aluminum, a collection of environmental, fashion and intelligent elements of the collision, people are amazed, lingering! In particular, the exhibition of Kaimit, the simple and fashionable beauty created by the craftsman spirit, gives the product unlimited vitality and charm, making the furniture look more than just furniture, but also a sleek and simple artwork.
  At the beginning of the exhibition, there were many interested dealers and customers coming to watch and consult. The staff of Kemit's on-site staff explained patiently one by one. Under the professional explanation of the staff, everyone was about Kemit and Kemi. Special products have a deeper understanding, but also showed a strong interest. In addition, the popcorn and coffee carefully cooked by Kemit are full of fragrance, which highlights Kemit's feeling and enjoyment of quality life.
  The stunning appearance of this exhibition is a platform for Kaimit to fully display the brand, and it is Kemet's determination and confidence that the quality of the environmental, fashion and intelligent quality home revolution is imperative. Chemet's comprehensive product chain is designed to provide products and services that are more consumer-friendly. This is not only an exhibition, but also a promotion of a healthy and refined lifestyle, a new starting point, and a future. Kemit is willing to go hand in hand with you and continue to move forward.
  The exhibition is still in progress. The Kemit exhibition hall at W2 Hall 203 welcomes you to visit us and talk about the new concept of aluminum~~