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Kemet Corporation organizes "Corporate Culture" and "Human Resources Planning" training activities

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2019/01/15 15:55
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  Recently, Kemet has held the "Corporate Culture" and "Human Resources Planning" training activities in the training room on the fifth floor of the office building of the New Materials Factory. This training event invited the professional consulting companies Xu and Zhang to teach. Nearly 50 people from senior management and related functional departments attended the training activities.
  This training activity was carried out under the key background of the company's comprehensive deepening of change. In the "Corporate Culture" training, Mr. Xu revealed the in-depth connotation of corporate culture through vivid examples, and enabled the middle and senior management to corporate culture. With a new system of comprehensive cognition, from the instrumental, institutional and spiritual levels, there is a scientific theoretical guidance for the construction and cultivation of corporate culture, and also repositioned its role in corporate culture construction; In the "Human Resources Planning" training, Mr. Zhang started from the overall environment of human resources management, carefully analyzed the status and role of human resources planning in the overall human resources management work, and systematically explained the implementation steps of human resources planning work. .
  Through this training, everyone unanimously stated that through training activities, they have become more aware of the importance of their roles and have become more aware of their important role in the development of the company. In the future, they will work hard according to the company's development strategy. Moving forward, we will contribute to the successful development of the company's strategic development goals.