Kemet Share | Diversified application (II) in the field of aluminum profile construction

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The organic combination of 4. railings and architectural style modeling can achieve both aesthetic and practical safety railings are generally composed of balusters, balusters, connecting rods or handrails. Aluminum alloy railings originated in Europe. They are the enclosure components at the edges of buildings, platforms, corridors, and ladders. They have protective functions and also play a decorative role.

4. railing and architectural style modeling
can realize both beauty, practicality and safety

railing is generally composed of railing posts, railing plates, connecting rods or handrails, etc. Aluminum alloy railings originated in Europe. They are the enclosure components at the edges of buildings, platforms, corridors, and ladders. They have protective functions and also play a decorative role. As early as the 1970 s, it has been widely used and established certain industry standards. In China's aluminum alloy railing industry has experienced more than 20 years of development, due to light weight, high strength, good performance, strong decoration, economic and durable, pollution-free, can be recycled and become China's public transport, community parks, building construction and other major guardrail products, in the railing industry diversified product system, aluminum alloy railings are still popular.

5. trusses become one of the main structural design elements of buildings and bridges

In order to cope with various landscapes, trusses become one of the main structural design elements of buildings. Trusses in buildings are usually reserved for roof forms. As early as two thousand years ago, the ancestors of mankind discovered the principle of triangular stability and invented the triangular truss, which was widely used in the wooden roofs of ancient houses. The industrial revolution and the development of modern architecture gave birth to the birth of space truss, space truss components are arranged in three-dimensional direction, its cross-section is often triangular or rectangular, etc., greatly improving the overall stability of the truss, this building structure is a good solution to the modern large-span space structure buildings, such as airports, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, conference centers, super high-rise corridors and other structural requirements. The evolution process of

truss is not only a chapter in the history of building structure engineering, but also a period of bridge development. Aluminum alloy materials have been used in bridge engineering for more than 80 years. The application of aluminum profile on the bridge, the application of the main structure includes bridge deck, longitudinal beam, truss, etc. The truss structure of the bridge can be made of aluminum extrusion profile, and the application of aluminum alloy bridge also promotes the construction and development of urbanization.

6. partition, there is a connection in the partition, there is a continuous
structure outside the building.
partition is a part of the whole room. Setting partitions in the home can not only play a role in organizing space, but also beautify and optimize the living environment of the home. Partition according to the height of the different settings, but also divided into different types. Mobile partition, high partition, low partition, partition decoration design, taking into account the appearance, on the basis of artistic conception, play a natural function and characteristics.

office partition often use aluminum alloy frame, because of the characteristics of aluminum alloy partition made of fire protection, strong and stable, durable. In a variety of public space, reception, negotiation, leisure area, conference room space, training space, staff space can be used flexibly. And in the home can also be placed in the appropriate partition, through careful design, clever use of partition, not only let the room pattern becomes orderly, but also allows us to have an independent space, to redefine the space, to achieve a house multi-purpose effect.

7. Building Component Ceiling Ceiling
Building Decoration Project Important Sub-project
Appropriate decoration of the top surface of the living room can not only beautify the indoor environment, but also create a different indoor space image. The ceiling occupies a very important position in the whole room decoration, and the classification is different according to the different materials of the decorative board.

suspended ceiling aluminum ceiling surface after coating heating curing treatment, there are different gloss effect and a variety of color pattern decorative picture. Aluminum ceiling waterproof performance is good, but also has anti-corrosion, flame retardant, sound insulation and other performance characteristics, so, aluminum ceiling is very suitable for kitchen and bathroom and other wet places to use. Aluminum gusset plate is a new type of home decoration ceiling material that appeared in the 1990 s. Because aluminum gusset plate is superior to PVC material and plastic steel material in consumption life and environmental protection ability, it has become one of the indispensable materials. Its protective performance and beautification and decoration effect make aluminum gusset plate a kind of ceiling material that is widely used.

8. Quanming Non-traditional Building Sunshine Room
Lifestyle Close to Sunshine and Fusion with Nature
Sunshine Room is a Quanming non-traditional building built with glass and metal frames. It connects indoor and outdoor spaces, usually changing from balconies or terraces. There are also villas covered outdoors, and the space can be large or small. The sun room originated in Europe, and was only used as a greenhouse at the beginning to cope with the foggy, rainy and cold winter climate, and to help plants survive the long and cold winter days. It was later used by European aristocrats for parties, leisure and entertainment.

With the progress of society, the sun room has gradually become a place for people to get close to nature and enjoy the sun. The structural materials of the sun room are generally aluminum alloy profiles, mainly because the performance of aluminum alloy is relatively stable, has a strong corrosion resistance, is not easy to rust, and aluminum alloy can be easily processed into various shapes such as arcs, and can be organically combined with the facade aluminum alloy door and window system. Aluminum alloy profiles have various colors, which can meet customers' personalized color choices.

9. building aluminum formwork

low carbon energy saving emission reduction and green construction technology

At present, high-rise and super high-rise buildings are all made of reinforced concrete as the main body, and building formwork is an essential construction material and important equipment. The development of building formwork in China mainly went through the following periods: wood formwork in 1950 s; In the 1960 s, steel wire mesh cement formwork and manual sliding formwork were used. In the 1970 s, small steel formwork, overall large formwork, hydraulic sliding formwork (small jack, small steel formwork) and steel pipe frame were formed. In the 1980 s, large steel formwork, hydraulic sliding formwork (large jack, large steel formwork) and portal frame were formed; in the 1990 s, steel frame bamboo veneer formwork, plywood formwork, bowl buckle rack, early removal formwork support system, shaped integral large formwork, hydraulic climbing formwork, bridge formwork. Until the 21st century, aluminum alloy formwork began to be used in domestic construction, and it has become increasingly common in recent years. The cost advantage of aluminum alloy formwork is built on the basis of recycling many times and buildings with more than 30 floors and a large number of standard floors at the same time. Therefore, economic housing, super high-rise buildings, townhouses and public buildings with more standard floors are more suitable for the use of aluminum formwork system.
We live in a world surrounded by architecture, and the face of life creates the diversity of architecture. The construction industry is one of the pillar industries of the country. Aluminum has been widely consumed in the construction industry. About 20% of the world's total aluminum production is used in the construction industry. In the construction industry of some industrialized countries, the amount of aluminum used has accounted for more than 30% of its total output. The development of green buildings is conducive to promoting the technological upgrading and product upgrading of related traditional industries, leading the development of strategic industries such as new energy, new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection, driving the upgrading and transformation of the construction industry, improving project quality, and stimulating effective investment and promoting economic transformation Upgrade and a higher level of development of the construction industry.