"Design Change • Re-Eyes" Kemet House All-Aluminum Customized High-end Designer Salon Successfully Held

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On April 18, 2021, the designer salon "Design Change and Reshape Eyes" hosted by Kemet's all-aluminum customization was successfully held.

On April 18, 2021, the "Design Change, Reshaping Eyes" designer salon hosted by Kemet's all-aluminum customization was successfully held. This salon activity takes the new ecology of aluminum design change designers as the main line, brings together well-known big players in the industry, condenses new design forces, and designs new brands with new design thinking.

This design salon had the honor to invite many big players in space design, decoration and furniture design to the scene to open the salon time. Qian Chunping, chairman and general manager of Kemet Company, and Ou Qunlin, executive deputy general manager, attended the salon.

This activity is held in Kemet's all-aluminum customized panoramic life experience hall, which covers home life experience area, outdoor courtyard experience area, public office experience area, intelligent life experience area, etc. What's more, Kemet's customized 2021 new product "aluminum luxury" series aluminum home, which originates from Italy's fashionable and modern style and is mainly made of aluminum, through matching and embellishment with auxiliary materials such as leather, solid wood, stone, glass, brass, lamp effect, etc., combined with the use of functions, aesthetic techniques such as sequence division and golden ratio are used to create a modern home that is fashionable, comfortable and luxurious.

In the experience hall, the designers experienced the transformation and collision of aluminum elements in modern aesthetics and fashionable homes together. At the same time, combined with stone, leather, glass, etc., they overturned everyone's cognition and imagination of aluminum homes. The all-aluminum customization of Kemet's whole house proved its own research and development technical ability and outstanding artistic design sense through the products displayed on the spot, it caused guests to discuss on the spot.

Designer is an engineer who beautifies life, while Kemet is a craftsman who carves quality life works. This Kemet's all-aluminum customized high-end designer salon provides a platform for both parties to communicate, so that everyone can discover, know and use beauty more. In the future, Kemet will continue to embrace new technologies, enhance the research and development of core technologies, keep up with the trend of technological development, use design concepts to capture people's needs for a good spiritual life, and show products in the form of art, so that technology, design, Art is integrated to create a Kemet full-house all-aluminum custom fashion designer home, to provide healthy home solutions for families around the world, and to innovate and guide human healthy life.