North-South differences! How to choose a door and window suitable for you?

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An excellent door and window is full of wisdom of door and window people, whether it is color matching, installation technology, or used in different regional environment and temperature difference environment in the north and south.

An excellent door and window is full of wisdom of door and window people, whether it is color matching, installation technology, or used in different regional environments and temperature difference environments in the north and south.

Door and Window Design Factor

From the perspective of architectural aesthetics, the partition of the door and window facade should conform to the aesthetic characteristics. When the partition design is made, the following factors should be considered:

1. The partition of the door and window facade should not only have certain rules, but also reflect changes and seek rules in the changes. The grid lines are dense and dense; equal distance, equal size division shows rigorous, solemn, serious; unequal free division shows rhythm, lively and dynamic.

2, coordination of grid ratio. As far as a single glass plate is concerned, the aspect ratio is as close as possible to the golden section ratio. It is not suitable to design a square and a narrow rectangle with an aspect ratio of more than 1:2. The height of the bright sub is generally 1/4~1/5 of the frame height, and should not be too large or too small.

3, at least the horizontal grid lines of the same room and the same wall doors and windows should be on the same horizontal line as far as possible, and the vertical lines should be aligned as far as possible.

4. When designing the facade of doors and windows, the overall effect requirements of the building should be considered, such as the virtual and real contrast of the building, light and shadow effects, symmetry, etc.

Door and Window Performance Selection North-South Regional Difference

1. North Windows Attention should be paid when selecting:

North has distinct climate changes, dry weather, frequent sandstorms, severe cold in winter, wind pressure resistance and heat preservation and insulation are the key points in the selection of North doors and windows. At the same time, the haze in the north of is large, and the sealing of doors and windows must also be considered.

In winter, in order to prevent severe cold and smog and avoid being attacked by wind and sand, it is suggested to seal the balcony to reduce the loss of indoor temperature and reduce the cost of heating energy consumption. In addition, it is not recommended to use sliding door/window system with large glass area in Northeast China, and it is suitable to use flat door/window system with better sealing and reinforced insulating glass.

2. South windows should be paid attention to when choosing:

South has a long rainy season, humid climate and frequent typhoons. Every storm is a severe test of the performance of doors and windows. Therefore, the selection of doors and windows should focus on the sealing, waterproof and wind pressure resistance of the door and window system.

The southern region has strong ultraviolet rays, and the metal parts of doors and windows are more prone to aging. When choosing, you need to pay attention to the weather resistance of the door and window coating. In order to prevent rainwater leakage, the lower rail of the balcony sliding door is best to choose the high and low rails. There are many mosquitoes in the south, which are easy to infect diseases. It is recommended to choose casement windows and sliding windows.

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