Yao Shuhua, director of Linyi Science and Technology Bureau, and his party visited the new material plant of Kemet Company

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Recently, Comrade Yao Shuhua, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Linyi Science and Technology Bureau, Comrade Hu Junbao, Deputy Director, and Comrade Liu Qingyun, Deputy Director, visited the new material plant of Kemet Company. Comrade Xu Lifeng, Deputy Secretary of the Feixian County Party Committee and Acting County Mayor, Comrade Tan Chengliang, Deputy County Mayor, Comrade Tan Zhongcheng, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the County People's Congress and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the County Economic Development Zone, Comrade Dong Zhiju, Director of the County Science and Technology Bureau, and Deputy Director Cui Yuanyuan Comrade, Comrade Ou Qunlin, Executive Deputy General Manager of Kemite Company, accompanied the investigation.

Recently, Linyi Science and Technology Bureau Party Secretary and Director Yao Shuhua Comrade , Deputy Director Hu Junbao Comrade , Deputy Director Liu Qingyun Comrade and other parties visited Kemet Company New Materials Factory Area for investigation and investigation. Deputy Secretary of Feixian County Party Committee and Acting County Mayor Xu Lifeng Comrade , Deputy County Mayor Tan Chengliang Comrade , Deputy Director of County People's Congress Standing Committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of County Economic Development Zone Tan Zhongcheng Comrade , Director of County Science and Technology Bureau Dong Zhiju Comrade , Deputy Director Cui Yuanyuan Comrade , and Deputy General Manager Ou Qunlin of Kemet Company accompanied the investigation.

Director Yao Shuhua and his party visited the company's production workshops and enterprise technology center and Kemet's all-aluminum customized panoramic life experience hall.

In the product exhibition hall of Kemet Company, Director Yao Shuhua and his party had a strong interest in Kemet Company's independent research and development of innovative series products , and listened carefully to Company's work report on scientific and technological innovation and achievement transformation in recent years. praises Kemet Company for strengthening innovation drive, extending the industrial chain, actively carrying out industry-university-research cooperation with well-known universities such as Shandong University and Qingdao University of Technology, and striving to advance and to the application of 5G products, medical devices and automobile lightweight and other fields.

At the same time, the research team and its party fully affirmed the achievements and of the development of Kemet Company and placed new expectations on it. Director Yao said that aluminum alloy materials have the advantages of light weight, excellent molding, good heat dissipation, high strength and corrosion resistance. In the future, the application of aluminum substitute iron and aluminum substitute steel will become more and more obvious, and the future development of aluminum processing enterprises will be bright. Kemet should give full play to the leading role of leading enterprises in the industry, go out and bring in, strengthen industry-university-research cooperation, expand the application and development of aluminum, and improve the quality of aluminum processing products to meet the market demand for high-end aluminum materials. General Manager Ou said that Kemet will continue to aim at high-quality development, based on its own advantages, improve the level of scientific and technological research and development, improve product quality, and improve service processes. bring higher quality products and services to the market and consumers, and make greater contributions to economic and social development.