[Kermit Glory] Kermit Company Won the Excellence Brand Award for Architectural Aluminum

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Recently, the 2019 brand praise ranking activity organized by aluminum plus network is in full swing. kemite company has won the "excellent brand award for architectural aluminum" by virtue of its strong brand strength and excellent product quality from many brands ".

Recently, the 2019 Brand Praise Ranking Campaign organized by Aluminum Plus Network is in full swing. Kemet Company has won the "Excellent Brand Award for Architectural Aluminum" with its strong brand strength and excellent product quality ".

aluminum grid, as a weathervane of the aluminum processing industry, aims to make high-quality brand products and services go deep into the market, deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, spread the ingenuity and positive energy of the industry brand, and build a benign online and offline interactive business ecological environment for the industry. Kemet's award is the aluminum industry's affirmation of Kemet's brand strength, and it also confirms the love, loyalty and trust of the majority of end consumers to Kemet's brand.

Kemet Company sincerely thanks colleagues in the industry, end consumers and aluminum grid for their strong support and full trust. Kemet will continue to forge ahead, carefully build processes, carefully build products, devote themselves to service, wholeheartedly provide consumers with high-quality products and services, and create a high-quality aluminum life for you!

May 15, 2020 14:30-15:30,2019 aluminum plus net brand praise annual award ceremony as scheduled, this is a exclusive aluminum processing industry brand ceremony, Xiao Kai invites you to do Kermit brand ambassador! Identify the picture QR code to be Kermit's brand ambassador! After becoming a Kemet brand ambassador, you can share and invite your friends to watch the live broadcast, and you can also participate in the red envelope activities!