Sunshine room is the best place for harmonious dialogue between man and nature

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The main structure of the sun room is the vitality of the sun room, which bears the greatest strength support, so the main structure material can not be ignored. Generally speaking, some small and medium-sized sunshine houses and high-grade sunshine houses will use broken bridge aluminum alloy structure. The basic surrounding columns of the sunshine house structure are necessary. In addition, the beams and longitudinal beams supporting color steel plates or tempered glass on the top surface are combined into a mesh structure. Such sunshine house materials are very firm and safe. Many owners of villas and apartments on the top floor have large terraces of 20 square meters. Many owners want to use this space and then turn it into a functional sunshine room. However

The owners of many villas and apartments on the top floor have a large terrace of 20 square meters. Many owners want to use this space, and then want to turn this space into a functional sunshine room, and then generate a closed terrace. The terrace in the home is closed into a glass transparent terrace sunshine room. There is another sunshine space in the home. The room will be much brighter at once and the lighting effect is very good. As if their own more a greenhouse, even if the terrace sun room without heating is very warm. The terrace sun room is a good place to read and rest: glass skylights and three floor-to-ceiling windows make the sun shine. A tea table and a lounge chair are placed in the terrace sunshine room. The terrace is connected to the bedroom. When you want to lie down here, bask in the sun or watch the stars at night.
terrace sun room may not have much space, but generally the glass windows are large and the light is very good. In the decoration of the sun room, it is common to use natural materials, with comfortable furniture, so that the indoor and outdoor scenery here is natural, generally set up as a tea room, small sports room, play area, to create a more comfortable and romantic leisure space. The terrace sun room is mainly close to the sun, which connects the indoor and outdoor space, so it is necessary to be natural and harmonious with the outdoor space, and it is consistent with the overall style of the room to achieve the role of transition. The terrace sun room is not only a place to relax and rest, but also the best meeting and leisure area.
A cup of strong tea, a lounge chair, a piece of sunshine, an afternoon. This is how many busy city people yearn for leisure life. With the increasing pressure of life, the concept of setting up a terrace sun room at home is becoming more and more popular in China. A tasteful person will let the color of the room wander freely between cold and warm, and realize the casual switch between modern and pastoral in style. The embellishment of a terrace sunshine room can achieve this goal and create a leisurely mood. The collocation of plants shows a strong cultural sustenance.