The general trend! All aluminum home will become home decoration mainstream materials!

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The development trend of all-aluminum home is unstoppable and will gradually become the mainstream material in the future home improvement market. However, because all-aluminum homes have been known to consumers for only a few years, many people do not know the real use of all-aluminum homes. When consumers first contact with all-aluminum home, the heart will more or less doubt: such a simple "aluminum" really can decorate such a beautiful effect? All-aluminum home is suitable for home improvement? Product features really have so much publicity?

1, the recognition degree of all-aluminum household consumers is gradually increasing
According to the survey of consumers, the recognition degree of all-aluminum household by owners is getting higher and higher, rising from the original 5% to 65%. In addition, through the joint efforts of all-aluminum home manufacturers and the excellent performance of the product itself, the market penetration of all-aluminum home is also getting higher and higher.
For consumers, all-aluminum home is no longer just a product that "only hears its name, but does not know what it is", but as soon as you hear all-aluminum home, you can immediately think of "environmental protection, health, and fast decoration." And other advantages, the influence in the minds of consumers is constantly expanding.
2, all-aluminum home market share increased
Relevant data show that the industry share of all-aluminum home in the decoration market continues to increase, from less than 2% to 13% so far, gradually beginning to show the trend of replacing traditional materials, and the pressure and impact on the traditional decoration material market are also increasing.
3, high cost performance of all-aluminum home decoration
Despite the unit price of products, the overall cost performance of all-aluminum home decoration is much higher than that of traditional materials. Take the decoration of a house of 100 square meters as an example. If you want the same decoration effect, if you use an all-aluminum home, you can save consumers at least more than 10,000 yuan in labor costs. It is very suitable for working-class people who pursue decoration effects but have limited budgets. In addition, it is well known that all-aluminum home is a functional board. While enjoying healthy decoration and superior decoration effects, it also has the advantages of sound insulation and noise reduction, fire prevention and flame retardant, heat preservation and heat insulation, and cleaning convenience. It is a very wise choice to use all-aluminum home in the long run to enjoy a variety of high-quality life. In life, more and more people will discover and feel the good of all-aluminum home.

4, all-aluminum home caters to fast-paced life
another big advantage of all-aluminum home is fast decoration! What's the fast way? Take a 100-square-meter house as an example, the fast-fitting properties of all-aluminum home can help consumers save at least 60 days of decoration time, which is very much in line with the needs of modern young people and can minimize the inconvenience caused by decoration to work and life; In addition, the health properties of all-aluminum home are even more able to achieve the effect of finishing in the morning and staying in the afternoon, 120 days ahead of traditional decoration!
From the above points, it is not difficult to see that all-aluminum home is the development trend of the decoration market and the mainstream of home decoration in the future. In addition, all-aluminum home is also very popular in the field of tooling, especially the attribute of fast fitting caters to the pursuit of efficiency in engineering decoration.

aluminum home in the convenience for consumers at the same time, it has brought no small impact on the traditional decoration industry. I believe that with the further improvement of the development of the industry and the continuous breakthroughs in design, installation, quality, and after-sales of all-aluminum homes, it is only a matter of time before all-aluminum homes become the mainstream materials for home improvement. Let us look forward to it together!