Brave to assume the important task of the industry, Kemet actively participate in the formulation of national standards

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Industry development, standard first. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of living standards, people's demand for housing construction is also getting higher and higher, and the development of domestic architectural decoration market is in full swing.

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Industry Development, Standards First. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of living standards, people's demand for housing construction is also getting higher and higher, and the development of domestic architectural decoration market is in full swing.

It is reported that the first compilation of the national building decoration industry standard "Technical Regulations for Interior Decoration and Decoration Metal Finishes" and the establishment meeting of the editorial board were successfully held in Shenzhen. As an invited enterprise in the aluminum profile industry, Kemet Company was invited to participate in the compilation of the regulations and gathered together with leading experts from the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of China, China Building Decoration Association and other national authoritative institutions, for the preparation of the outline and chapter structure one by one and in-depth discussion, once again for the national industry standards to contribute to the construction of their own strength.

Kemet Company has developed rapidly and healthily at a rate of not less than 30% every year since its establishment in 2008. There are two major industrial bases of Kemet Aluminum and Kemet New Materials, covering an area of more than 1000 mu, which have emerged in the industry and gradually developed. Especially in recent years, Kemet Company has participated in drafting industry standards for many times, it is undoubtedly a manifestation of its strong strength and its new corporate strategic layout under the new round of market formats in the future.

To create standards, we must first surpass the standard

aluminum profile processing industry relies on traditional production technology. Due to factors such as low threshold and lack of standards in the industry, some aluminum enterprises cannot guarantee the quality of aluminum products, and various product quality problems often occur. However, in Kemet Company, this situation is rare.

High-quality products come from Kemet's continuous improvement in quality. From the control of raw materials to the management of the entire production process, Kemet has always adhered to strict requirements higher than the national standards and strived for every piece. The perfect product of the company.

It is known that the partners of raw materials and auxiliary materials of Kemet aluminum profiles are all well-known enterprises in the country and even in the world: Innovation Group aluminum rod, Xinguo Youtai heat insulation strip, Aksu? Nobel powder, Noto hardware, etc., which are all strategic partners of Kemet aluminum and doors and windows.

On the basis of ensuring the high quality of raw materials, the company's selection of production equipment and technology is also in the forefront of the industry: advanced large-scale extrusion production line, fully automatic vertical spraying electrostatic spraying production line, fully automatic horizontal three-row oxidation electrophoresis production line, fully automatic fluorocarbon paint spraying production line, etc., and each link of production is equipped with professional quality inspection personnel to carefully carve each aluminum material to ensure excellent quality.

Not only that, Kemet Company is the first to introduce the concept of lean management in the same industry. Since the introduction of lean management in 2014, it has achieved remarkable results. It has carried out lean management and highly standardized operation on the production line in an all-round way, which not only promotes the improvement of production efficiency and cost reduction, but also greatly meets the high standard requirements of customers.

high-quality raw materials, advanced production equipment and technology, accurate and efficient management mode, to a large extent, to ensure the excellent product quality and production efficiency of Kemet aluminum, so that its quality is far beyond many similar products on the market, on the basis of meeting the national standards, formed a set of more competitive "Kemet" standards!

to participate in the formulation of standards, enterprise innovation ability is the key

enterprises to participate in the formulation of industry standards, quality is the foundation, innovation ability is the key, adhere to innovation, innovation to drive the progress of industry standards is undoubtedly an important way, and strong innovation ability, is also Kemet in the market changes as a rock as an important weapon.

In terms of product R & D and innovation, Kemet has established a close industry, university, research cooperation and patent sharing system with Shandong University, Central South University and Linyi University, and has become the scientific research and experimental base of many authoritative universities in China. At the same time, Kemet's independent research and development team also plays a key role in product technology innovation. The technical director is also a member of the expert committee of China Aluminum Processing Industry Association and an energy-saving evaluation expert in Linyi City. A strong scientific research team has been formed. In recent years, 54 key innovation projects have been independently developed in the aluminum profile industry, of which 13 have been listed as provincial technological innovation projects, the two obtained provincial monitoring reports, which greatly promoted the product and technological progress of the domestic aluminum profile industry.

According to the author's understanding, the current Kemet Company has 79 patents, including 10 utility model patents, 67 design patents, and 2 invention patents; the Mikel door and window system launched in domestic key projects It has been widely used in China, and has won the praise of "China's energy-saving products" and has been included in the government's energy-saving product procurement list. Kemet has made a series of dazzling achievements in product technology innovation and leading the development of the industry: "National High-tech Enterprise", "Chinese Patent Shandong Star Enterprise", "Most Innovative Supporting Products", "Shandong Enterprise Technology Center", The first batch of "Shandong System Door and Window R & D Enterprises" and many other awards. These achievements and glory have also laid a solid foundation for Kemet Aluminum to participate in the formulation of national standards and promote the overall progress of the industry.

Big Brand Strategy, Shaping Industry Benchmark

From a rookie in the industry to now steadily entering the list of domestic first-line aluminum profile processing and manufacturing enterprises, Kermit Company's development in recent years can be described as sweeping, which is inseparable from the company's brand strategy. Quality is the life of an enterprise, and brand is the life of an enterprise. The company implements a big brand development strategy to create greater value for customers and consumers. Customers are not only all over the country, but also widely exported to international markets such as Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia. The market has issued a loud voice belonging to Chinese brands.

can have today's market scale and strength, excellent products are the foundation, but for the aluminum profile processing and manufacturing industry, brand building is not just a good product! To achieve today's achievements, is that Kemet company not only from the product quality to achieve perfection, to meet the needs of customers for the product itself, but also in the brand connotation emphasizes the concept of quality, to further meet people's pursuit of quality life.

As early as the beginning of Kermit's business, he realized the importance of brand creation and determined to create a strong brand! It also established the brand vision of "being an integrated solution expert for architectural decoration with aluminum profiles as the core" under the review of the situation. With the support of high-quality products and strong R & D and innovation capabilities, during the years of development, Kemet has not only achieved perfection in energy conservation, environmental protection, and customer service, in addition to the promotion of independent media such as online news advertising investment, websites, WeChat official accounts, etc. It also participates in well-known exhibitions at home and abroad many times a year, holds annual dealer conferences, Kemet golf tournaments, and hundreds of standardized terminal experience stores, doorstep billboards, it has also entered the high-end home building materials shopping malls such as Red Star Macalline and Incredible Home. In addition, it has invested heavily in outdoor advertising, CCTV advertising, and high-speed rail advertising every year... Various strategies have boosted the improvement and leap of corporate brands, built a bridge of communication with consumers, and successfully opened the "last mile" between consumers ". Through the brand concept of "Kemet Aluminum, Open Quality Life", Kemet helps customers make purchase decisions faster and enjoy the high-quality experience brought by brand products.

Driven by the big brand strategy, Kemet has not only achieved rapid market occupation, but also created brand value far beyond the product itself, playing a role in leading the development of the industry and driving the brand building of many enterprises in the industry. It has played a strong exemplary role and has become a veritable benchmark brand in the minds of many customers! The formulation of

standard is the formulation of rules and an important measure to maintain the vitality and vitality of the market. While carrying out this obligation, Kemet is undoubtedly undertaking the important task of promoting the development of the industry. Looking at the rapid development of Kemet in recent years, we have reason to believe that Kemet, which does not develop , will also have the courage to shoulder the heavy burden of the industry and contribute greater strength to China's aluminum profile industry and architectural decoration industry!