Aluminum wants luxury aluminum home -2023 new home decoration four series, redefining the new fashion of healthy home

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This series is derived from the Italian fashion and modern style, with aluminum as the main material, through the accessories leather, solid wood, stone, glass, brass, lamp effect and other materials to match and embellish, combined with the use of function using sequence segmentation, golden ratio technique to create a fashionable and comfortable, luxurious and high-grade modern home.

Roman Holiday Series
This series is derived from Italian fashion and modern style. It is made of aluminum as the main material. It is matched and embellished with auxiliary materials such as leather, solid wood, stone, glass, brass, lamp effect, etc. Combined with the use function, it uses sequence division and golden ratio to create a fashionable, comfortable, luxurious and high-grade modern home.

Camille Series

is inspired by Monet's "Spring". It is good at capturing light and shadow, the vibration of light, the transparency of shadow, the gorgeous and real colors, and fully interprets the mutual integration of light and color. The high-level color matching of Morandi is like covering all colors with a layer of gray tulle, neutralizing the original beauty and weight, and finding a quiet and noble artistic balance.

wood rhyme series

wood rhyme series home style reflects the style of the log, expressing a natural charm of returning to nature. A light-colored space, a simple mood, is very suitable for the public living temperament. The all-aluminum wood rhyme series is designed with other materials such as leather, jade, rock plate, etc. to achieve a balance between cold and warm, clumsy and skillful, which can make cold buildings more affinity and add some artistic beauty to the space.

This series
is simple without losing texture, and the clever matching of black, white and gray creates a noble and elegant space temperament. Simple color matching runs through the entire space, mainly aluminum, reflecting firmness and environmental protection. Through the use and embellishment of comprehensive materials, it reveals the beauty of writing in modern minimalism.