Aluminum in the side | Let the doors and windows lock the warmth of the home

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China is a big country of energy consumption, energy problem has become one of the main factors affecting economic development.

China is a big energy consuming country, and the energy problem has become one of the main factors affecting economic development. With the increasing emphasis on energy conservation and environmental protection, the insulation technology of building maintenance structure is also increasingly strengthened. As a part of the building, doors and windows are one of the important channels for indoor and outdoor to connect with each other. For home life, there is a door and window with correct orientation and good heat insulation, which can make life more comfortable.

"Let the doors and windows warm your home"

Choose the right doors and windows to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature,
can reduce the energy consumption of the home environment,

give the family a healthy and comfortable living environment

Facing the cooling in winter, if the house has no heating system, there are no energy-saving and heat-insulating doors and windows installed, so the outdoor cold air is easy to infiltrate into the room, and the cold is attacking people. It can be seen that the heat preservation performance of doors and windows is particularly important. Although it is not comparable to the dense and unventilated wall chamber, at least choosing good doors and windows that can be insulated in winter and in summer can also realize the goal of not losing heat energy quietly, achieving energy saving, emission reduction, environmental protection and green, and making the home warm as before.

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Thermal insulation performance is the basic function of external doors and windows

is an important index to measure a door and window

Excellent sealing performance

is the guarantee of stable thermal insulation performance of building doors and windows

From the perspective of thermal insulation, the door and window series adopts multi-cavity broken bridge aluminum structure, and there are multi-cavity walls inside the profile, which relatively weakens the thermal conductivity, reduce the indoor and outdoor heat conduction caused by air convection, play a good role in isolating the heat flow, reduce the loss of indoor heat energy, so as to achieve the effect of keeping warm. The sealing performance of

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sealing rubber strip will not attenuate after long-term use of
. Multi-channel sealing treatment
ensures that the thermal insulation performance of doors and windows penetrating "inorganic multiplicable"
doors and windows is closely related to the overall sealing performance of doors and windows. The multi-layer sealing design of door frames and window frames adopts sealing rubber strip with excellent sealing performance to reduce air convection and heat convection from details and heat loss. With imported heat insulation strips between aluminum profiles, the heat conduction of aluminum profiles is blocked and the indoor heat is reduced. Seamless and more solid, so that the doors and windows of the home airtight, better insulation performance.

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Transparent glass doors and windows can prevent cold wind from driving straight into

for heat preservation, while also allowing warm sunlight

to spread to every corner of the home

. As glass occupies most of the heat transfer of doors and windows, it is also very important to improve the heat preservation performance of glass. Generally, the glass in the doors and windows is changed from single-layer glass to multi-layer glass or hollow glass. Each layer of glass is filled with inert gas which is difficult to transfer heat, so as to isolate heat transmission, so that the thermal insulation performance of the glass can be significantly improved, and the thermal insulation effect can be achieved.

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hardware fittings are products that are more frequently active in doors and windows
and are more vulnerable to wear
. if there is no high-quality hardware fittings
, the performance of doors and windows will be greatly reduced
hardware fittings will affect the service performance of doors and windows and the sealing performance after closing. when the sealing performance is not good, it is also impossible to prevent indoor heat from running out directly from the gaps between doors and windows, so choose high-quality and durable hardware accessories, open smoothly and without fading, and ensure the stability and safety of doors and windows, so the sealing and thermal insulation performance can naturally be guaranteed.