How to identify the quality of doors and windows

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In recent years, the rise of small apartment, unstoppable. In a busy life, if you have a small apartment, what would you decorate it like?

In recent years, the rise of small houses and apartments has been unstoppable. In a busy life, if you have a small apartment, what would you decorate it like? As an important part of the building, doors and windows are not only for ventilation and lighting, but also an important barrier for our home. If the doors and windows are not done well, when the storm comes, not only your furniture, electrical appliances and other property items can not be guaranteed, but also may endanger the safety of your family. Because of this, many consumers pay more and more attention to the quality and performance of doors and windows, and more and more people are replacing old windows.

So, which problems of doors and windows need to be replaced?

If the following situations occur in your doors and windows,

Our doors and windows
should be replaced!
1. installation unqualified

door and window quality "three points by product, seven points by installation". No matter how good the doors and windows are, if the installation is unqualified, the result is also unqualified doors and windows. For example, the corners and splicing positions of doors and windows are not sealed with sealant, or explosive screws are used to connect the walls and windows, which will cause the doors and windows to leak rain and water in the later period of use. In this case, the windows must be replaced.
2. hardware accessories are unqualified

Good hardware accessories are standard for good doors and windows, and accessories are an important part of the cost of doors and windows. Good hardware accessories are more expensive, which is why brand doors and windows are twice or even several times more expensive than some low-end doors and windows.

3. door and window profiles are of poor quality

Some domestic developers generally choose products with relatively low cost when choosing doors and windows, which inevitably selects profiles with poor performance.
substandard doors and windows are more prone to deformation, damage and other problems in severe weather such as typhoons, which poses a great threat to users' lives and property safety. Generally speaking, consumers can basically identify whether the strength of the door and window material is sufficient by visual observation, hand pressing, shaking and other methods.

4. poor performance of doors and windows

The basic functions of doors and windows are ventilation, lighting and rain protection, which are the standard functions of doors and windows in most buildings at present. However, many doors and windows have not even been able to keep out rain and wind, not to mention the insulation, heat insulation and sound insulation of doors and windows.

Good doors and windows make your living environment more quiet, more energy-efficient, and make you feel happy. For owners who pursue high-quality life, good doors and windows are the basic configuration of a comfortable living environment. Therefore, for owners with special functional requirements, it is recommended to replace the doors and windows with better performance and more complete functions. As an important barrier between the building and the external environment, the window is a product with high technical content. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers pay special attention to choosing a strong and secure brand of doors and windows when purchasing or replacing doors and windows.

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