Natural lighting | not only light but also scenery

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Perhaps many people think so: light = lighting. In fact, lighting and lighting are two completely different concepts.

illumination = daylighting?

look at the sun here

perhaps many people will think so: illumination = daylighting. Actually lighting and lighting are two completely different concepts .

Daylighting refers to the design of doors and windows and the size of the building structure to achieve the appropriate light effect inside the building. Light is only a part of the source of lighting.

In addition, the lighting effect of the house is not only related to the spacing between buildings, the height of floors and the orientation of the house, but also closely related to the area of the room window (lighting window).

If the area of the window is too small, the natural light coming in is limited; the window area is too large, which will affect the indoor temperature and humidity, and affect the indoor heat preservation and energy saving. Therefore, the size of the window should be appropriate.

What should I do if the window lighting effect is not good?

In real life, some apartments are not transparent in the north and south, which leads to the lack of light. The room is always dark, and it is really annoying to turn on the lights in broad daylight. If you encounter this kind of situation, how to solve it?

Choose white and other light colors

Light colors can make the whole space present a bright and spacious visual effect, and enhance the vitality of the space. The white in the light color system makes the space vision look lighter and brighter, and the white also reflects the light, making the indoor light a lot brighter.

In addition, the walls and floors in the room are not suitable for too dull color matching, but should be mainly soft and bright light colors.

● Make good use of natural light

Insufficient indoor light is easy to make people feel depressed. Therefore, we should make full use of floor-to-ceiling windows or large windows in house decoration design, so that natural light is evenly projected into the interior, increasing space lighting and reducing visual discomfort.

Kemet system door and window high-performance series has rich coverage and compatibility of door and window systems. In order to meet the needs of different decoration methods, frame combinations with different widths can be selected.

narrow frame design ingenuity, can achieve the best lighting effect. Want good lighting, narrow border design can not be less.

Expand the size of the door opening

The high energy of the door opening makes the indoor space more open and invisibly pulls up the floor height.

Kemet sliding doors are easy to open and do not occupy indoor and outdoor space. They are deeply loved by designers and consumers. The wide doorway can increase the visual sense of extension and make the space more permeable.

Kemet doors and windows are designed to achieve both aesthetics, heat preservation, air tightness, water tightness and other properties.

● Reduce the number of furniture and increase the number of artificial light sources

Too much furniture will cause dead corners of light, and too many shadow areas will also affect people's activities at home. So don't fill the room with furniture and try not to put things around the windowsill.

natural shortage, artificial to gather together. Poor lighting of the living space can not always give up lighting.

Simple ceiling lamps and chandeliers can also create a bright atmosphere. The ceiling is surrounded by spotlights or light bands to make the light on the wall more uniform and brighter.

Of course, you can also add a few more floor lamps, wall lamps, and table lamps to reduce lighting dead ends. This can be foolproof!

If you choose the right method for the area of the window, the problems such as poor apartment type and difficult lighting will be solved. If you choose a favorite window for yourself in Kemet, you will feel happy when you have good lighting.