Current Situation and Development Trend of Insulated Aluminum Doors and Windows

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Since the European mature aluminum insulation technology into the country in 2000, "aluminum doors and windows are not energy-saving" absurd argument finally to break, the domestic aluminum alloy doors and windows industry has a thriving scene.

must be selected to 1. the development trend

. At this stage, the main characteristics of the domestic aluminum doors and windows market are:

. The industrial foundation is very strong: the processing capacity of profiles, doors and windows and curtain walls is the world, however, the production capacity is relatively surplus and investment is still continuing.
2. Industrial design capability is weak, product application research and development is not paid attention to, and investment is insufficient.

2. has problems

1, single product, serious plagiarism and homogeneous price competition;

2, the diversified needs of different consumer groups in different regions cannot be met;

To solve the above problems, we can only cooperate with the existing industrial foundation, improve the design capability, and design diversification and difference, adapt to products in different market segments to improve product selling points and added value.

However, doing so will lead to other problems one after another:

, a variety of products means a large inventory of profiles, accessories, molds and other sections of different sections;

2, increasing the difficulty of management and quality control;

3, increased cost;

4. Sacrifice economies of scale.
In response to the above problems, the industry's solution is to make the product serialization, cross-section, accessories versatility and interchangeability, that is, the least number of components combined to adapt to different regions and consumer groups of multi-model products, that is, systematic product design.

This is characterized by the integrity and rigor of the design, the universal interchangeability of components, and the standardization and efficiency of the processing process. 47