Precautions for practical operation of extruded aluminum profile production

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Aluminum rods with appropriate length, correct material, smooth surface, no grooves and quality (crystallization, composition, density and not excessive combustion) must be installed according to the actual conditions of the production order and mold.

Precautions for Practical Production Operation

1. Aluminum Rod Fitting Furnace
The installation length is appropriate, the material is correct, and the surface is smooth according to the actual situation of the production order and the mold, aluminum rods without grooves and of quality (crystallization, composition, density and not excessive burning).
and pay attention to the identification and spacing of different aluminum rods. Pay attention to the location of the furnace and the width of the chain, pay attention to each other and do not loosen (plug with angle iron, do not use aluminum that is easy to soften at high temperatures) to prevent the furnace from clogging, and pay attention to the aluminum rod when transporting and installing the furnace Do not loosen or fall.

Always check the actual temperature of the aluminum rod, the data of the instrument value (not more than 560 degrees), and properly cool down after the machine is stopped for a long time (below 520 degrees), and always check whether the cutting gun is working, The circulating fan is running, the cooling water (water pump) and other equipment are in good condition.

2. aluminum profile stretch

During the recycling, moving and stretching process, do not rub, pull, overlap, crowd or entangle the aluminum profile on the cooling bed. There should be a certain interval between them. Easily bent profiles and the length of the output should be handled in time, and mutual protection should be carried out when necessary.

When stretching the profile, the profile must be cooled to below 50 degrees before it can be moved to the stretching frame for stretching. In addition, since the internal stress of the profile cannot be completely eliminated, there will be absolute waste products before and after aging, such as bending, distortion and poor performance.

Because the top has the effect of preventing heat dissipation, the profile with higher decorative surface requirements must be turned upside down to facilitate uniform heat dissipation and reduce uneven heat dissipation and For horizontal bright spot defects caused by crystallinity, it is more important to pay attention to wall thickness.

3. aluminum profile sawing and frame

the material on the conveying rack should correspond to the material head and joint marks, profiles should not rub against each other, and long and short materials should protect each other. The profile should be straight back and forth, and the section should not be inclined. Check the top of the rack and the packaging of the plastic parts. Pay attention to rubbing bare iron frames and other sharp and hard metals.

oxidation, sandblasting, rounding, punching, materials, sawing, packaging, aging, natural materials and other post-processing requirements, and Profiles of different materials must be framed and transported separately.
# When 133 the frame, please pay attention to long profiles, thin-walled materials, arc materials, open materials and solid small cross-section materials, Plates, materials with high surface requirements, interlocking, self-locking or difficult-to-support cantilevers, and necessary auxiliary tools, bushings, etc. The cushion strips (pads) shall correspond up and down, be arranged correctly, and have appropriate spacing and number. Profiles that require an overhead framework must have an overhead stack.