Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Forwarding the Implementation Plan of the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration on Promoting the High-quality Development of New Energy in the New Era

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In recent years, my country's new energy development represented by wind power and photovoltaic power generation has achieved remarkable results. The installed capacity has steadily ranked first in the world, the proportion of power generation has steadily increased, and the cost has dropped rapidly. It has basically entered a new stage of development without subsidies.

Implementation Plan for Promoting the High-quality Development of New Energy in the New Era

National Development and Reform Commission National Energy Administration

In recent years, my country's new energy development represented by wind power and photovoltaic power generation has achieved remarkable results, and the installed capacity is stable. It ranks first in the world, the proportion of power generation has steadily increased, and the cost has dropped rapidly. It has basically entered a new stage of development without subsidies. At the same time, the development and utilization of new energy still has constraints such as insufficient adaptability of the power system to large-scale and high-proportion new energy connection and consumption, and obvious constraints on land resources. To achieve the goal of achieving a total installed capacity of more than 1.2 billion kilowatts of wind power and solar power by 2030, and to accelerate the construction of a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system, we must adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, complete, accurate and comprehensive Implement the new development concept, coordinate development and safety, adhere to the first establishment and then break, overall planning, and better play the role of new energy in ensuring and increasing energy supply, help to do a solid job of carbon peak, carbon neutral work. In accordance with the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, the following implementation plan is formulated to promote the high-quality development of new energy in the new era.

1. innovative new energy development and utilization model

(I) to accelerate the construction of large-scale wind power photovoltaic bases focusing on desert, Gobi and desert areas. Intensify efforts to plan and build a new energy supply and consumption system based on large-scale wind and solar power bases, supported by clean, efficient, advanced and energy-saving coal power around it, and stable, safe and reliable UHV transmission and transformation lines as the carrier., Planning and site selection, environmental protection and other aspects to strengthen coordination and guidance to improve the efficiency of approval. In accordance with the requirements of promoting the optimal combination of coal and new energy, coal power enterprises and new energy enterprises are encouraged to carry out substantial joint ventures.

(II) promote the development and utilization of new energy and the integration of rural revitalization. Encourage local governments to increase efforts to support farmers to use their own building roofs to build household photovoltaics, and actively promote the development of decentralized wind power in rural areas. Coordinate the rural energy revolution and the development of the rural collective economy, cultivate new market entities such as rural energy cooperatives, and encourage village collectives to use the stock of collective land in accordance with the law to participate in the development of new energy projects through mechanisms such as pricing and income sharing. Encourage financial institutions to provide innovative products and services for farmers to invest in new energy projects.

(III) promote the application of new energy in the industrial and construction fields. In qualified industrial enterprises and industrial parks, accelerate the development of new energy projects such as distributed photovoltaics and decentralized wind power, support the construction of industrial green microgrids and integrated projects of source grid, load and storage, promote the complementary and efficient use of multiple energy sources, and carry out new energy power Direct power supply pilots to increase the proportion of new energy power for terminal energy use. Promote the deep integration of solar energy and buildings. Improve the application technology system of photovoltaic building integration, and expand the consumer group of photovoltaic power production. By 2025, the roof photovoltaic coverage of new buildings in public institutions will strive to reach 50%; encourage public institutions to install photovoltaic or solar thermal facilities in existing buildings.

(IV) guide the whole society to consume green electricity such as new energy. To carry out green power trading pilot, promote green power in the trading organization, power grid scheduling, price formation mechanism and other aspects of the priority, for the market to provide sound functions, friendly and easy-to-use green power trading services. Establish and improve the new energy green consumption certification, identification system and publicity system. Improve the green power certificate system, promote green power certificate trading, and strengthen the effective connection with the carbon emission trading market. Increase certification and acceptance efforts to guide enterprises to use new energy and other green power manufacturing products and services. Encourage all kinds of users to buy new energy and other green power manufacturing products.

2. speed up the construction of a new power system that adapts to the gradual increase in the proportion of new energy

(V) comprehensively improve the regulation capacity and flexibility of the power system. Give full play to the platform and hub role of power grid enterprises in building new power systems, and support and guide power grid enterprises to actively access and consume new energy. We will improve the compensation mechanism for peak-shaving FM power supply, increase the flexibility transformation of coal-fired power units, hydropower expansion, pumped storage and solar thermal power generation projects, and promote the rapid development of new energy storage. Research on energy storage cost recovery mechanism. Encourage the western and other areas with good light conditions to use solar thermal power generation as a peak power supply. Deeply tap the demand response potential and improve the load side's ability to regulate new energy.

(VI) focus on improving the ability of the distribution network to accept distributed new energy. Develop distributed smart grid, promote grid enterprises to strengthen the active distribution network (active distribution network) planning, design, operation method research, increase investment in construction and transformation, improve the level of intelligent distribution network, and strive to improve the ability of distribution network access to distributed new energy. Reasonably determine the proportion of distribution network access to distributed new energy requirements. Explore and carry out the DC distribution network project demonstration to adapt to the distributed new energy access.

(VII) and steadily promote new energy to participate in electricity market transactions. Support new energy projects to carry out direct transactions with users, encourage the signing of long-term power purchase and sale agreements, and power grid enterprises should take effective measures to ensure the implementation of the agreement. For new energy projects for which the state has a clear price policy, power grid enterprises shall strictly implement the full guarantee acquisition policy in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, and the amount of electricity outside the reasonable hours of the whole life cycle can participate in the electricity market transaction. In the pilot areas of the electricity spot market, new energy projects are encouraged to participate in electricity market transactions in the form of CFDs.

(VIII) improve the renewable energy power consumption responsibility weight system. Scientifically and rationally set the responsibility weight of medium and long-term renewable energy power consumption in all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government), and do a good job in linking up the responsibility weight system of renewable energy power consumption with the new renewable energy not included in the total energy consumption control. Establish and improve the renewable energy power consumption responsibility evaluation index system and reward and punishment mechanism.

3. to deepen the reform of "management and service" in the new energy sector

(IX) continue to improve the efficiency of project approval. We will improve the investment approval (filing) system for new energy projects, and strengthen the supervision of the whole chain and the whole field before and after the event. Relying on the national online approval and supervision platform for investment projects, we will establish a green channel for centralized approval of new energy projects, formulate a negative list of project access and a list of enterprise commitments, promote the implementation of the enterprise investment project commitment system, and shall not increase the unreasonable investment costs of new energy enterprises in any name. Promote the adjustment of wind power projects from the approval system to the filing system. Comprehensive energy projects such as multi-energy complementarity, source network load storage, microgrid, etc., with new energy as the main body, can be approved (filed) as a whole.

(X) optimize the network connection process of new energy projects. Local energy authorities and power grid enterprises should optimize power grid planning and construction plans and investment plans in a timely manner, taking into account the development needs of new energy projects. Promote power grid enterprises to establish a one-stop service platform for new energy projects to connect to the network, provide information on available access points, accessible capacity, technical specifications and other information for new energy projects, realize online processing of the whole process of new energy project connection, and greatly reduce the connection time. In principle, the network connection and transmission projects shall be invested and constructed by power grid enterprises. Power grid enterprises shall improve and perfect the internal examination and approval process, reasonably arrange the construction sequence, and ensure that the transmission projects match the progress of power supply construction; the new energy connection and transmission projects constructed by power generation enterprises may be repurchased by power grid enterprises in accordance with laws and regulations after consultation and agreement between both parties.

(XI) Improve the public service system related to new energy. Carry out national exploration and evaluation of new energy resources, establish a database of exploitable resources, and form detailed investigation and evaluation results and maps of various new energy resources in administrative areas at or above the county level and release them to the public. Establish the wind tower and wind data sharing mechanism. Improve the comprehensive service system for disaster prevention and mitigation in the new energy industry. Accelerate the construction of public service systems such as new energy equipment standards and testing and certification, and support the construction of a national new energy equipment quality announcement platform and a public testing platform for key products.

4. support and guide the healthy and orderly development of new energy industry

(12) to promote scientific and technological innovation and industrial upgrading. Establish an integrated platform for production, education and research, build a national new energy laboratory and R & D platform, increase investment in basic theoretical research, and advance the layout of cutting-edge technologies and disruptive technologies. Promote mechanisms such as "unveiling the list" and "horse racing" to promote enterprises, scientific research institutes, universities, etc. to carry out systematic research on the safety, stability and reliability of the power system with the gradually increasing proportion of new energy, and propose solutions. Increase support for industrial intelligent manufacturing and digital upgrading. Prepare and implement the action plan for the development of the intelligent photovoltaic industry to improve the level of intelligence and information in the whole cycle of products. We will promote breakthroughs in key technologies such as high-efficiency solar cells and advanced wind power equipment, and accelerate the upgrading of key basic materials, equipment, spare parts and other technologies. Promote the development of decommissioned wind turbines, photovoltaic module recycling technology and related new industrial chains to achieve closed-loop green development throughout the life cycle.

(XIII) Ensure the safety of the supply chain of the industrial chain. Introduce guidelines to promote the development of the energy electronics industry, and accelerate the integration and innovation of electronic information technology and new energy industries. Promote the strong chain complement chain, in accordance with the new energy industry chain division of labor to implement scientific overall management of the upstream and downstream of the supply chain. Increase the transparency of information on production expansion projects, enhance the ability of equipment and materials enterprises to respond to changes in industrial supply and demand, prevent and control abnormal price fluctuations, and enhance the resilience of the supply chain of the new energy industry chain. Guide local governments to do a good job in new energy industry planning and implement the standard conditions of photovoltaic industry. Optimize the environment for intellectual property protection in the new energy industry and increase penalties for infringement. Standardize the development order of the new energy industry, curb the blind development of low-level projects, promptly correct practices that violate fair competition, eliminate local protectionism, and optimize the market environment and approval process for mergers and reorganizations of new energy enterprises.

(14) Improve the internationalization level of new energy industry. We will strengthen international cooperation in intellectual property rights in the new energy industry, promote metrology, testing and experimental research capabilities to reach the world's advanced level, actively participate in the formulation and revision of international standards and conformity assessment procedures in the fields of wind power, photovoltaic, ocean energy, hydrogen energy, energy storage, smart energy and electric vehicles, and improve the level of mutual recognition of measurement and conformity assessment results. Enhance the international recognition and influence of China's standards and testing and certification bodies.

5. Ensure Reasonable Space Demand for New Energy Development

(XV) Improve Land Control Rules for New Energy Projects. The establishment of natural resources, ecological environment, energy departments and other relevant units of the coordination mechanism. On the basis of meeting the requirements of land space planning and use control, make full use of unused land such as deserts, Gobi and deserts to lay out and build large-scale wind and solar power bases. Incorporate the spatial information of new energy projects into the "one map" of the land and spatial planning according to regulations, strictly implement the requirements of ecological environment zoning and control, and make overall arrangements for the use of forest and grass for large-scale wind and solar power base construction projects. Local governments must collect land use taxes and fees in strict accordance with the law, and must not collect fees in excess of those prescribed by law.

(16) Improve the efficiency of land and space resources utilization. New new energy projects must strictly implement land use standards, must not break through standard control, encourage the promotion and application of land-saving technologies and land-saving models, and the degree of land conservation and intensification must reach the advanced level of the same industry in China. Optimize and adjust the layout of nearshore wind farms, encourage the development of far-reaching sea wind power projects, and standardize the installation of landing cable corridors to minimize the occupation and impact on the shoreline. Encourage the integrated development of "wind and fishing" and effectively improve the efficiency of the use of sea resources in wind power and photovoltaic power generation projects.

6. give full play to the ecological and environmental protection benefits of new energy

(17) vigorously promote ecological restoration of new energy projects. Adhere to ecological priority, scientifically evaluate the ecological environmental impact and benefits of new energy projects, study and issue standards and specifications for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of new energy projects for ecological restoration such as photovoltaic sand control, and support the development of new energy projects with ecological environmental protection and restoration benefits in mining areas such as rocky desertification, desertified land and coal mining subsidence areas.

(XVIII) Helps to Improve Rural Human Settlements. We will promote biomass energy, geothermal energy and solar heating according to local conditions, carry out new energy substitution for bulk coal in an orderly manner on the basis of ensuring the safe and stable supply of energy, and promote clean heating in rural areas and clean agricultural production. We will further promote the comprehensive utilization of straw and the resource utilization of livestock and poultry manure. Formulate technical standards for special equipment that meet the characteristics of biomass combustion, and promote the use of biomass briquette fuels.

7. improve fiscal and financial policies to support the development of new energy

(XIX) Optimize the use of fiscal funds. Strengthen the linkage between the central and local governments, and make good use of the renewable energy development fund in accordance with the principle of income and expenditure. Fully implement the relevant requirements of the tax department to collect renewable energy development funds to ensure that all receivables are collected. Make good use of existing funding channels to support the development of new energy. The study will include eligible public welfare construction projects in the field of new energy into the scope of local government bond support.

(XX) Improve financial-related support measures. Under the premise of legal compliance, risk control and commercial sustainability, financial institutions can independently determine whether to grant subsidy confirmation loans to projects that have been included in the list of renewable energy power generation subsidies, and financial institutions and enterprises can independently negotiate and determine the loan amount, term, interest rate, repayment plan, etc. Give full play to the financing advantages of power grid enterprises, actively expand the sources of funds, and promote the annual balance of income and expenditure of renewable energy power generation continuation subsidy funds. Support qualified financial institutions to provide innovative solutions such as green asset-backed (commercial) paper and factoring to address the funding needs of new energy enterprises.

(21) Enrich green financial products and services. Reasonably define the credit rating standards and assessment access conditions for new energy green finance projects. Increase the support of green bonds and green credit for new energy projects. Research and explore the inclusion of new energy projects in the scope of pilot support for infrastructure real estate investment trusts (REITs). Support the inclusion of certified greenhouse gas emission reductions for eligible new energy projects in the national carbon emission trading market for quota clearing and offsetting.