Industrial aluminum profiles can be selected according to what aspects

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Commonly used aluminum alloy profiles, including architectural profiles, decorative profiles and industrial aluminum profiles, aluminum each category includes a variety of specifications, the most commonly used is the series 6063-T5 aluminum industry.

Commonly used aluminum alloy profiles, including architectural profiles, decorative profiles and industrial aluminum profiles, each type of aluminum includes various specifications and models, the most commonly used is the series 6063-T5 aluminum industry. For users, how to choose the appropriate model to use, is a very important issue, the following aspects of industrial aluminum can be used as a selection benchmark.

1. Strength

Strength is an important factor index to measure the bearing capacity of industrial aluminum profiles in an enterprise. It refers to the maximum deformation capacity of industrial aluminum profiles that can break or exceed the allowable limit after load analysis. From the perspective of mechanical research, it includes tensile strength, compressive strength and bending strength, etc, it is the basic technical requirement that every aluminum profile must meet.

2. use environment

The use environment of products is a very important theoretical basis for selection. Industrial aluminum profiles need to go through melting casting, extrusion, casting and oxidation coloring processes in the production process. Based on the original oxide film, many surface information treatment processes such as sandblasting oxidation, anodic oxidation and electrophoretic coating are developed, so that its surface coating can reach more than 12μm, whether it is wear resistance and corrosion resistance material performance, high temperature resistance and weather resistance are very good, can be applied to the enterprise a variety of impact on the harsh industrial social production and living environment.

If it is a production management workshop with high temperature and high corrosion resistance, the 6063-T5 industrial aluminum profile is the most durable. If it is a production quality workshop with relatively good normal temperature and safe production economic conditions, different general types of industrial aluminum profiles can be selected if there is no big problem with corrosion resistance.

3. use requirements

When selecting the specifications and models of industrial aluminum profiles, users can choose the appropriate aluminum profile model according to the carrying capacity, mechanical properties and environment of the equipment frame. The specifications and models can be reasonably selected according to the product mechanics calculation formula and product parameters provided by the aluminum profile manufacturer.

Industrial aluminum profile accessories have a variety of connection methods, which can be flexibly matched according to user needs to ensure the final performance and beauty of the product. You can also consult aluminum profile manufacturers for guidance; aluminum profile product connectors are diverse and flexible, so you can learn from the industrial aluminum profile selection manual.

4. appearance requirements

In order to improve the appearance quality of industrial aluminum profiles, it is usually necessary to carry out electrolytic coloring, electroplating, electrophoretic coating or electrostatic powder spraying on the anodic oxide film, so that its surface is no longer limited to the original silvery white, but can be changed into various required colors, for example, electrostatic powder can be sprayed into yellow, electrolytic coloring into golden yellow, electroplating into bronze, black, brown, etc. The production cost of different processing methods is different.

If customers have limited production costs and no color requirements, they can choose the simplest silvery white, so the production cost is relatively low. The color of the production workshop with special requirements can choose their own color, but the investment cost is larger, because The appearance performance of industrial aluminum profiles is better, which can create more added value for enterprises.