Kemet House All-Aluminum Customization | Aluminum Luxury Series

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Life has a variety of styles, everything is different because of you. Taste every style of life and pursue creative attitude towards life. Kemet's all-aluminum home, with professionalism and care, will create a healthy space that belongs to you.

Life has various styles,

Everything is different only because of you;

Taste every style of life,

Pursue creative life attitude;

Kemet All Aluminum Home Furnishing, with professionalism and care,

creates a health space dedicated to you.

This series originates from Italy's fashionable and modern style. It is made of aluminum as the main material. It is matched and decorated with auxiliary materials such as leather, solid wood, stone, glass, brass, lamp effect, etc., and combined with the use of functions, it uses series division, golden ratio and other aesthetic techniques to create a fashionable, comfortable, luxurious and high-grade modern home.

According to the Chinese people's special preference for solid wood, the visual appearance, the use of wood grain and solid color combination, more prominent high-grade and fashion.

is more environmentally friendly
Kemet's all-aluminum customized products do not contain paint, zero formaldehyde,
has no peculiar smell, is fireproof, moisture-proof and insect-proof,
is easy to recycle, is energy-saving, environment-friendly, green and healthy.

More Fashionable
Kemet Full House Aluminum Customization, Actively Connecting with International Designer Platform,
Preferring Many Famous Designers, Striving to Create Full House Aluminum Household Products Leading Industry Upgrade,
Change Your Living and Decorate Your Life!

Kemet's whole house is all aluminum customized to create a low-carbon intelligent passive house,
uses negative oxygen ion aluminum to make homes,
integrates intelligent systems, relying only on fresh air, solar energy, geothermal energy and other renewable resources, and
realizes constant temperature, humidity, oxygen and stillness in the four seasons of the room.