Kemet company won the honorary title of "2020 Linyi full innovation enterprise"

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On the afternoon of December 16, the Linyi staff labor and skills competition and summary commendation meeting for innovation and efficiency activities were solemnly held in the conference room of Linyi administrative center. kemite company was awarded the honorary title of "Linyi full-staff innovation enterprise in 2020"

On the afternoon of December 16, the Linyi City Staff Labor and Skills Competition and Innovation and Efficiency Activities Summary and Commendation Conference was grandly held in the conference room of Linyi City Administrative Center. Kemet Company was awarded the honorary title of "Linyi City Full-staff Innovation Enterprise 2020". The honorary title of "Full-staff Innovation Enterprise" won this time was only 10 in the city.

In recent years, the company has actively responded to the call of the superior trade union, attached great importance to the innovation work of the enterprise, established the innovation committee, and regarded the innovation work as an important part of the development of the enterprise's business strategy. Give full play to the main role of employees in innovation, promote the creation of full-staff innovative enterprises, and accumulate more than 20 innovative projects annually, which effectively reduces the operating costs of enterprises, improves the economic benefits of enterprises, and creates a strong working atmosphere for full-staff innovation.

Kemet Company will take this opportunity to continuously strengthen the innovation and efficiency work of employees under the guidance of the superior trade union, continuously improve the innovation carrier, improve the innovation mechanism, encourage and guide employees to enhance their innovation consciousness, cultivate innovative thinking, stimulate innovative talents, and better to promote the high-quality and efficient development of enterprises.

and company also will follow the development concept of "integration, innovation, and progress", vigorously implement the value chain layout and big brand development strategy, and provide customers with high-quality aluminum product integrated solutions. Committed to China's new urbanization construction and the improvement of people's quality of life, creating greater social value.