Kemet Share | Aluminum Industry Chain Analysis (II)

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Aluminum profiles are mainly used in the field of construction and industry, and can be divided into two categories: building profiles and industrial profiles.

Aluminum profiles are mainly used in the construction and industrial fields, and can be divided into two categories: architectural profiles and industrial profiles.
building profiles: construction and real estate industry is the largest domestic aluminum building profile consumption field, in the construction of aluminum products in the field of consumption, aluminum alloy doors, windows, curtain wall profiles and accounted for the main body.
industrial aluminum profiles: mainly used in transportation, mechanical and electrical equipment, durable goods, electronic appliances four areas.

1. transportation

industrial profiles in the field of transportation applications are mainly concentrated in the automotive industry, railway and rail vehicle manufacturing, and container manufacturing.
(1) Automobile manufacturing
Automobile manufacturing is one of the main application areas of industrial aluminum profiles. As an important means of automobile energy saving and emission reduction, automobile lightweight has become the development direction of the automobile industry in the future, and aluminum alloy materials are the main application materials for automobile lightweight targets.
(2) Railway and Rail Vehicle Manufacturing:
High-speed Railway: According to my country's near-and medium-term high-speed rail plan, the market demand for EMUs with speeds of 200 kilometers per hour and above will continue to maintain rapid growth.
Urban rail transit: 2006-2020 is a period of concentrated investment and development of urban rail transit in China. At present, 15 cities are building urban rail, with a total mileage of 1212 kilometers. There are 19 urban rail transit plans approved by the state.
(3) Container manufacturing
China is the concentration of global container manufacturing. With the substantial increase of China's road transportation, railway transportation, water transportation and air transportation to containers, the container industry will continue to develop, especially aluminum refrigerated containers and special dry cargo containers will develop rapidly in the future due to their unique functions. and become the mainstream of the development of the container industry.
2. mechanical and electrical equipment
In the mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing industry (including petrochemicals, electric power, mining, military industry, nuclear reactors, etc.), the specific industries for the application and consumption of aluminum profiles are scattered and have various specifications. With the increase in the output of related products and the increase in the use of aluminum instead of steel and aluminum instead of copper to manufacture mechanical equipment parts, the consumption of aluminum profiles in this industry has increased year by year.
3. durable consumer goods, electronic appliances
aluminum profiles are mainly used in the manufacture of elevators, fitness equipment, kitchens and bathrooms in the durable consumer goods industry (excluding electronics and electrical appliances).
consumer electronics is an important application field of industrial aluminum, including household appliances (such as color TV, washing machine, refrigerator, freezer), computer (laptop shell, etc.), electronic cabinets, electronic office supplies, aluminum in these durable goods mainly in the form of shell, radiator and aluminum tube.