Differences between system doors and windows and traditional doors and windows

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Doors and windows are an important component of the house. In the decoration market in recent years, a new type of doors and windows has gradually entered people's vision and has been applied to high-quality housing buildings. It is the system doors and windows.

doors and windows are important components of houses. in the decoration market in recent years, a new type of doors and windows has gradually entered people's vision and been applied to high-quality houses. it is the system doors and windows

system doors and windows, which refers to the combination of a door and window performance system, from the heat preservation, heat insulation, water tightness and sound insulation of doors and windows to the anti-theft, operation feel and beautiful appearance of doors and windows, all are taken into account.

system doors and windows is a perfect organic combination with high-level high-performance. However, traditional doors and windows, that is, non-system doors and windows, are mostly mass-produced, the production process is not refined, and there is no opportunity for repeated inspection and optimization, 1. it is difficult to guarantee performance and quality. The price is the first point, but the practicability will be much worse.
1. production process
Kemet system doors and windows, reinforced waterproof treatment is carried out on the structural splicing parts during production, and hidden drainage system is set up. This production process can not only ensure the stability and structural strength of doors and windows, but also greatly improve the heat insulation, sealing and sound insulation performance of doors and windows.
2. profiles with high quality
Different profiles have different properties, and profiles are an important factor affecting the comfort of doors and windows. The selection of profiles for system doors and windows is strictly in accordance with national standards, such as broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows, which will be more durable than ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows.
3. glass high performance
glass quality is not good, will greatly affect the heat insulation and lighting, system doors and windows of the glass not only better lighting, but also effective heat insulation, noise reduction and sound insulation.
4. installation process
system doors and windows will pay more attention to hardware position, operation comfort, smooth aesthetics and sealing performance during installation, and have independent supporting schemes.