Kemet Quality Special Activities | Elaborate Production to Guarantee Quality, Eliminate Hidden Danger and Guarantee Safety

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In September 2021, Kemet ushered in the National Quality Month, and the company actively participated in the organization of a month-long quality event aimed at improving the quality awareness and quality level of all employees.

2021 Kermit Company ushered in the National Quality Month. The company actively participated in the one-month quality event organized by to improve the quality awareness and quality level of all employees.

quality is the fundamental element based on, improve quality, adhere to the quality, is our company every employees should adhere to the mission. All departments and workshops of company responded positively, strengthening the quality control of product , and making positive response to the problems found.

This special meeting will focus on the optimization and implementation of quality responsibilities and processes, job operation specifications and other topics to carry out publicity and implementation training for all employees to further enhance their market awareness, quality awareness and crisis awareness. And from the source to strictly control the quality of , to reduce the occurrence of quality accidents.

Company will also continue to improve quality awareness, quality responsibility awareness and customer demand-oriented service awareness, with high-quality product quality, continuously improve Kemet Company brand value and market competitiveness, provide customers with high-quality aluminum product integrated solutions, and commit to the construction of China's new urbanization and the improvement of people's quality of life, and create greater social value.