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The content of aluminum in the earth's crust is second only to oxygen and silicon, ranking third, and it is a rich metal element in the earth's crust. The development of the three important industries of aviation, construction and automobile requires the material characteristics to have the unique properties of aluminum and its alloys, which is greatly conducive to the production and application of this new metal aluminum, which is widely used. China's rapid economic growth has generated a huge demand for aluminum, which has promoted the rapid development of the domestic aluminum industry.

Analysis of the Development Status of China's Aluminum Industry in 1.
, Analysis of China's Aluminum Production
"Analysis Report on Industry Competition Status and Investment Trend of China's Aluminum Products Industry 2020-2026" released by Zhiyan Consulting shows that the output of alumina and electrolytic aluminum in 2019 will be 72.47 million tons and 35.04 million tons respectively, down 1% and 0.9 respectively from the same period of last year, and the output of aluminum will be 52.52 million tons, up 7.5 percent from the same period of last year. Aluminum prices continued the trend of weak shocks, the annual average spot price of 13960 yuan/ton, down 2.1.
2, aluminum processing status analysis
aluminum processing is the aluminum ingot through casting, rolling (or extrusion) and surface treatment and other processes and processes, to produce various forms of products for transportation, construction, packaging, electrical, mechanical equipment and other industries. Aluminum deformation processing products according to the different processing technology can be divided into two categories of aluminum strip foil and aluminum profiles. The calendering process produces aluminum sheet and foil, which is widely used in various fields of the national economy; the extrusion process produces aluminum profiles, which are mainly used in the construction industry.

2. China's aluminum industry processing development trend

The development of global aluminum processing enterprises has shown the following characteristics in recent years: first, aluminum processing enterprises are trying to extend the industrial chain and enter the field of deep processing in order to obtain higher added value of products; second, with the consumption of resources and the rise of energy prices, the trend of using recycled aluminum with less energy and resource consumption as raw materials to produce aluminum processing products is becoming more and more obvious; the third is to replace steel with aluminum faster and faster; the fourth is to target emerging markets and developing countries or regions, especially in China; the fifth is to strengthen innovation and research and development, and continue to launch new products that enjoy independent technology.
In the next 5 years, the product varieties of aluminum profile manufacturers will continue to increase, product quality will be more improved, product added value will be higher, and more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Specifically, it is: in the aluminum processing technology, it is developing in a more refined direction; in the aluminum processing equipment, it is developing in the direction of intelligence; in the enterprise construction, it is developing in the direction of large and strong and specialized and refined.

3. Aluminum Profile National Policy and Industry Development Direction Innovation

China's aluminum profile manufacturers mainly produce medium and high-end products, including aluminum profile accessories, radiator aluminum profiles, architectural profiles, aluminum alloy profiles for rail transit vehicles, industrial profiles, etc.
The country also attaches great importance to technological innovation. Through continuous adjustment and improvement of policies and guidelines, it encourages the research and development of the aluminum profile industry in terms of production technology, and supports the export of high-performance, high-tech and high-value-added aluminum profile deep-processing products., Introduce a large number of talents and related enterprises, support the development and research of various technologies in the non-ferrous metal industry, and guide enterprises to improve technology in terms of high efficiency and energy, increase policy support for aluminum enterprises.
The current social development is closely focused on environmental protection. Products from all walks of life will do everything possible to start with energy conservation. Whether it is aluminum profiles for rail transit, electronic appliances, and aerospace, they will be light in weight, high in strength, low in price, and pollution. Pollution and other aspects are the main development direction.