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Doors and windows are very common in life, but they are also very important. No matter what kind of family, doors and windows are essential design elements, because no matter what kind of building, import and export, lighting and ventilation are necessary. So, the following to introduce the doors and windows color matching skills and doors and windows to buy raiders.

1. modern minimalist style

Modern minimalist style is not equal to simplicity. A truly simple design is not only a streamlined design element, but also a design full of charm. At the same time, it also meets the requirements of people to reduce the pressure of life and promote environmental protection. It is mainly concise and lively, and pays attention to detail.
In the increasingly busy life, people are eager to get complete relaxation, hoping to adjust the tension of the mind with simple and pure living space. The modern minimalist style design is just the right way to ease the tension and enter a natural space to relax and enjoy life.
doors and windows with
color choice: cold color can bring a simple atmosphere feeling, can better create a simple and fashionable modern life concept.
In the color of doors and windows, you can choose fluorocarbon white, ivory white, champagne silver, fluorocarbon gray and other colors. Able lines of beauty, rich sense of rhythm, and home together give a person with both simple and atmospheric feeling.
2. Pastoral Style
Living in a city full of tall buildings, most people have a hint of pastoral plot. Pastoral style is a popular decoration style, its main purpose is to show close to nature through decoration, yearning for natural pastoral atmosphere.
Pastoral style embodies a leisurely and contented life status and mentality. Applying pastoral style to family life is believed to be a very leisurely life experience.
doors and windows with
color selection: pastoral style pursues fresh and natural colors, with close to natural colors as the main color, so the colors of doors and windows can be fluorocarbon gray, red sour branches, ash and other colors, giving people a relaxed and natural feeling. You can also choose wood color doors and windows, giving people a kind of seclusion in the mountains, natural and open-minded feeling. Like the rural pastoral atmosphere, can be used wood, stone, rattan, bamboo and other natural simple texture decoration style, more full of leisure natural atmosphere, the atmosphere without losing elegance.
3. Chinese Classical Style
Chinese style is an interior design art style represented by classical architecture. Magnificent, antique, symmetrical modeling, strong color contrast. The decorative materials are mainly wood, and the patterns are mostly dragons, phoenixes, turtles, lions, etc., finely crafted and magnificent.
Chinese style is characterized by a symmetrical and balanced overall layout, advocating natural taste in decorative details, meticulous carving of flowers and birds, fish and insects, and rich in changes in form, which can fully reflect the spirit of traditional Chinese aesthetics.
Doors and Windows Collocation
Color Selection: Chinese style will not use too bright and bright colors in the use of colors, and the main tone is dark and calm. Therefore, the color of doors and windows can choose red brown, dark brown, yellow brown, bronze and other heavy colors, it is particularly solemn.
Log color or red series of doors and windows are also commonly used in Chinese home decoration to match Chinese furniture style, so that the home appears more warm and enthusiastic, and add a solemn.