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Kemet door and window curtain wall system (KEMET)-China high-end door and window curtain wall system.

Kemet Door and Window Curtain Wall System (KEMET)-China's high-end door and window curtain wall system. The fashionable, intelligent, green and high-quality brand products created by the company integrate the wisdom and technology of the top European door and window experts, which is the perfect combination of golf high-quality culture and high-end door and window system.
Kemet door and window curtain wall system has a future-leading design and development platform and a huge professional team. It stems from years of research on the domestic and foreign door and window markets, and fits the characteristics of China's southern and northern culture and geographical climate. The products developed are of perfect quality and excellent performance.
1, Kemet door and window curtain wall system is to consider and carefully design all aspects related to doors and windows (such as aluminum profiles, glass, hardware, adhesive strips, processing technology, processing equipment, technical support and services, etc.) as a whole, which is the basis for producing high-quality humanized doors and windows.
2. The system integrates the functions of energy saving and environmental protection, and designs and produces domestic high-end, popular and classic doors and windows. The overall design is rigorous and ingenious, with uniform accessories and high precision, perfect tolerance and tight sealing. With the use of heat-cut aluminum profiles and 16-36mm thick hollow glass, the whole window has extremely high sound insulation, heat-cut and energy-saving effects, as well as high air tightness, high water tightness, high safety and high precision. It is a good choice for luxury residential buildings, office buildings, high-rise buildings and special buildings with sound insulation and heat insulation requirements.
3. The system is divided into sliding doors and windows, outer casement doors and windows, inner casement doors and windows, outer upper hanging windows, inner upper hanging windows, inner lower hanging windows, inner opening and inner inverted windows, louver doors and windows, etc.
Product Features:
1, System Integrity. The width direction of the profile is increased by 5 steps, and the depth direction is increased by replacing the insulation strip (24mm-29mm-34mm).
2. The standard European standard C slot notch is applicable to hardware provided by most hardware manufacturers (the folding height of the outer hinge is 16.5mm).
3, with compatibility. The inner and outer cavities of the frame are the same cavity, and the same angle code can be used. The inner cavity profile of the frame can be used in common with the inner cavity profile of the middle stile. All corner code buckle strips are commonly used in doors and windows.
4. All glass is coplanar, which feels better visually.
5. Provide a variety of T connections and cross connections to meet the various needs of customers. The use of special two-component glue in the glue injection process can save working hours, shorten the construction period, increase the connection strength, and cooperate with the corner code of special pin and glue injection to reduce the amount of glue.
6. The tooth-shaped structure of the stop rubber strip ensures sealing, and at the same time, it is also convenient to cut at the place where the hinge is installed, and it can also ensure that the contact part between the hinge and the profile is sealed with the rubber strip. The glue angle configuration is easy to install and has better sealing effect. The use of the stile seal ensures the sealing of the connection area.
7. The use of the clip strip is convenient for the installation and disassembly of the clip strip, and the 90 ° angle between the clip strip and the glass is ensured, and the internal vision effect is better.