[Heavy News] Kemet Company Officially Enters Vanke Mining and Construction Procurement Platform!

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Recently, Kemet received the supplier factory certification certificate issued by the mining platform and obtained the-level supplier evaluation, becoming one of the few aluminum profile suppliers on the platform.

Recently, Kemet received the supplier factory certification certificate issued by the mining platform and obtained the A supplier evaluation, becoming one of the few aluminum suppliers on the platform.

Mining Construction, the "Tmall" in the real estate purchasing industry, is a B2B third-party purchasing and trading platform for building materials jointly initiated and established by Vanke, Zhongcheng Investment, Zhongtian Group, etc., which exports Vanke's capabilities and resources in building materials purchasing bidding, quality management, supplier management and other aspects to the industry, jointly solve the problems of unstable quality in the field of building materials, scattered supply chain, opaque transaction links, and high pressure on capital costs.

In order to ensure the quality advantages of platform products, Vanke has set a high entry threshold for platform suppliers. Suppliers entering the platform not only need to submit quality inspection reports together with third-party authoritative testing organizations, but also need to undergo annual quality sampling inspection of the platform after entering the platform. Each year, Vanke's quality management system "Skynet" needs to conduct sampling inspection of up to more than 20000 groups of projects and factory materials. In other words, the enterprises that can settle in Vanke's mining platform are the leaders in the industry.

Branch has always strictly selected suppliers to ensure quality from the source. On the surface, Kemet's selection is a simple brand invitation. Fundamentally, it is a common development concept that matches Kemet and Vanke's selection. It is the result of all-round mutual attraction between Kemet and Vanke from raw material selection to their own innovation, to quality control and after-sales service. Since its establishment,

Kemet Company has always adhered to the use of high-quality raw materials, the production of high-quality products, strict control of product quality, and the R & D and innovation of "new technology and new products" as an important strategy for the sustainable operation and development of the enterprise; the introduction of efficient and energy-saving automatic production lines to improve production efficiency and product quality while ensuring stable delivery.

In addition, Vanke's procurement department has formulated a set of procurement technical standards based on energy conservation and environmental protection. Only suppliers who meet various technical standards can cooperate with them. Kemet has a complete quality, environment, energy, occupational health and safety management system, which ensures the continuous stability of quality from the system. Kemet's development concept of green, health, energy saving and environmental protection coincides with Vanke's mining platform.

In the past, Kemet products were widely used in landmark buildings across the country, allowing Kemet products and Kemet brands to be widely recognized and used by customers. The selection of the mining platform is another recognition of Kemet by Vanke. In the future, Kemet will have more opportunities to participate in Vanke's project construction. At the same time, it will further broaden Kemet's online sales channels and promote the application of high-quality Kemet products to more engineering projects.

In the future, Kemet will demand itself with higher standards, closely follow the national development plan, closely follow the market and consumer needs, increase product research and development, and strive to bring more and better energy-saving and environmentally friendly aluminum Products bring to consumers, while providing users with a comfortable quality of life, help the country and cities to build green and create greater value! 19