High-grade building aluminum demand will be strong for a long time

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New big airport construction will still appear one after another. High-grade, exquisite and bright aluminum materials are necessary materials for their construction. Not only doors and windows are made of surface-treated profiles with perfect colors, but also interior decoration and curtain walls are made of various aluminum materials. Aluminum is not only an excellent building material, but also a high-safety fireproof material. As for why aluminum is a good fireproof material for the construction of high-rise buildings, but not necessarily everyone knows

aluminum is a universal green material. Apart from some highly corrosive chemical material industries, it can be widely used in almost all industries. Although the energy consumption for extracting primary aluminum is not low, it is nearly 14000kWh/t aluminum, the energy consumption for recycling and compounding of waste aluminum is less than 5% of the energy consumption for extracting primary aluminum, and the greenhouse gas generated is correspondingly reduced. Although the performance of aluminum is not as good as that of composite materials, however, the price of the latter is four or five times that of aluminum. At the same time, China's output is low, the quality is not satisfactory, and the recycling problem is far from being solved. Therefore, in terms of material cost performance, aluminum is better than composite materials. Aluminum has strong corrosion resistance, especially high corrosion resistance to atmospheric and marine climate. After surface treatment, not only the corrosion resistance is further improved, but also the beautiful decoration effect is obtained, become an excellent interior decoration material for high-rise buildings; The recyclability of aluminum is much better than that of steel. The recovery rate of building aluminum can reach more than 95% after the service period (30a ~ 50a) is over, while that of steel is only 80%. Moreover, the loss of aluminum is mostly physical, while the loss of steel structure is mainly chemical. Therefore, aluminum is an excellent green building material.

The model of green skyscrapers-Shanghai Tower. The center building is 632m high and completed in 2016, making it the second tallest building in the world, second only to Dubai Tower. It is the most environmentally friendly high-rise building in China and one of the world's green high-rise buildings. It has obtained the gold certification of LEED from the US Green Building Council and has played a major role in the wide application of aluminum.

Install multiple wind turbines on the top of the building. Due to the high "station" and abundant wind, the fans always rotate at a higher speed, and the power generated can partially meet the needs of the building itself. It collects rainwater and recycles the gray water after purification and regeneration. The building also has 24 hanging gardens, which enable the building to be naturally cooled and kept warm. There are cafes and roads in the gardens, which can greatly reduce the need for people in the building to go out. There are many fastest elevators and the highest viewing platform in the building. Standing on the platform, you can have a panoramic view of Shanghai.

China has become a big country and a primary power in extruded aluminum. In 2017, the output of extruded aluminum was 19500kt, accounting for 56% of the world's total output, of which the output of construction extruded aluminum accounted for more than 65%. The construction aluminum produced in China can not only meet the domestic demand, but also export a large number of materials to all parts of the world. In 2017, 944kt of extruded aluminum was exported, of which about 68% were construction materials.