Kemet Aluminum New Products Three Musketeers: Star Quality, Shining

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Kemet Aluminum has introduced several new products for surface treatment. This time, we are sharing the new three swordsmen: black spar, black gold and black gold stone. Star product quality, shining, highlighting the Kemet aluminum rich surface treatment and research and development innovation hard core strength!

1. It has a mature, deep and capable metal surface, which naturally reminds people of the comfortable feeling of dignity, wisdom and trust.
2, after environmentally friendly chromium-free passivation, effectively enhance the adhesion of the coating, to prevent the film off.
3, solemn appearance, extraordinary texture, plump gloss favored by customers.
4. The product has a very high technological composition, which is more in line with the needs of interior decoration.
5, self-cleaning function, surface dust and stains can be removed by gently wiping.

It is forever deep, it is as stable as Mount Tai, no matter what color comparison, it still shows dignity;
is like a winding mountain, no matter how the storm is tossed, the mountain or the mountain, after the storm, it will appear more elegant;
It will not change its character, it is a precious symbol, mature, capable, calm,
wisdom, calm, trust, still long-lasting.