[Good News] Several new extrusion production lines have been added to the Kemet New Material Plant to improve quality and efficiency to help production.

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2020 is the year of Kemet's equipment leapfrogging upgrades and incremental production and sales, and with the increasing number of orders, in order to effectively guarantee order delivery, Kemet's new materials plant will add 4500T and 1800T fully automatic extruder production lines in 2019. On September 12, 2020, three 1450T extrusion production lines were successfully trial-produced to meet customer orders.

2020 is the year of equipment leapfrogging and upgrading and production and sales increment of Kemet Company. With the continuous increase of orders, in order to effectively ensure the delivery time of orders, Kemet Company's new materials factory added 4500T and 1800T full-automatic extrusion production lines in 2019 . 2020 9# November 12 , 3 1450T extrusion production line was successfully trial-produced to meet customer orders.

The newly added

1450T extruder is equipped with a domestic advanced fully automatic double-head double-saw tractor, which can independently interrupt and pull independently and effectively reduce unqualified products. It is a domestic first-class short-stroke aluminum extruder, which fully compresses the running time of the empty machine and improves the production efficiency. Equipped with frequency conversion and fixed-length precision equipment, the fixed-length cutting can be accurate to 1mm . In addition to the conventional air-cooling system, the extruder is also equipped with a water-cooling system, which can better ensure the production process requirements. The three production lines of

all adopt the leading configuration of the same tonnage in the same industry, which is a one-to-two method, providing a strong guarantee for the production of thermal insulation broken bridge profiles. After the equipment is in operation, it can effectively adjust the production mode in time according to market changes. The curtain wall profile of

1800T extruder can be produced upward, and the door and window profile of 1000T extruder and various industrial materials can be produced downward, which plays a connecting role and provides a perfect solution for solving the bottleneck problem of extrusion order structure.

The extrusion production line equipped by Kemet Company has excellent and reasonable equipment tonnage, which can realize the production of one out of two, one out of three and one out of four holes. After the three production lines are put into operation, the monthly production capacity can be increased by about

2000 tons, effectively speeding up the optimization of aluminum production.

The addition of the new production line marks a substantial increase in the level of production and manufacturing capabilities of Kemet Company, creating better conditions for the company's high-tech and high-additional profile product development, diversified aluminum profile production and technological innovation, providing more reliable guarantee for the expansion and application of architectural profiles and industrial profiles, and further assisting the development of enterprises.