Home improvement doors and windows to how to choose?

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The installation of doors and windows is very important in house decoration. It is not only a channel for indoor and outdoor air communication, but also a barrier for home security and privacy. Therefore, we must not be careless about the purchase and installation of doors and windows. Little Kate will give you a practical guide to the purchase of doors and windows, hoping to help you.

The installation of doors and windows is very important in house decoration. It is not only a channel for indoor and outdoor air communication, but also a barrier for home security and privacy. Therefore, we must not be careless about the purchase and installation of doors and windows. Little Kate will give you a practical guide to the purchase of doors and windows, hoping to help you.

1. evaluate the requirements and determine the budget

1. Functional requirements: the functional requirements such as sound insulation, heat insulation, dew prevention and operation experience of doors and windows vary from person to person. Warm in winter and cool in summer have been people's basic pursuit of family housing since ancient times; and noise prevention is the most basic need of modern humans in a high-intensity and high-pressure living environment.

Remember one sentence at the same time: Doors and windows are customized products in decoration, and their performance and quality differences are clearly reflected in the price. For example, doors and windows products that meet the needs of ordinary families for sound insulation and heat insulation can also be made in 500 or 600, but if you want to buy doors and windows with high cost performance (high durability + better performance), the price will be around 1,000.

2, aesthetics: whether there is a desire to transform floor-to-ceiling windows, floating windows, etc. to pursue the aesthetic feeling of architectural appearance.

3, run the door and window market-pick people and learn products: when you know the difference between the doors and windows at home and your own use needs, you can go to the local door and window market next step. please refer to the following four suggestions!

(1) Taobao can only be used as a platform for doors and windows to understand, and it is not recommended to buy a platform.

(2) The consequence of blindly buying doors and windows is that nine times out of ten you will be trapped (go to the door and window market (street shops, shopping mall doors and windows) to see people first, and the merchants you choose are not honest and sincere depends on your skill.

(3) sell expensive is not necessarily good, the mall inside the "speculators" too much, some businesses 400 the purchase price to sell you 2000 you dare to believe? Talking with the boss about his working experience, cases and design ideas, or talking with the shopping guide about his professional knowledge, profiles, glass and hardware is the best way to choose a store.

(4) Running the market is not to ask you to buy products directly. You have to guess first. How is the product positioning of the local 600, how is the performance, in line with the needs of the home? How is 800 product positioning, performance, in line with the needs of the home? 1000... When you find that the doors and windows in the market are expensive and can't afford to buy, cheap and despise, you probably know about the doors and windows of this thing.

4, decide the budget-the optimal solution of budget allocation: if the door and window budget is not sufficient, we do not recommend that you use the "average distribution" of the purchase method-such as budget 2w, door and window area 30 flat), the home doors and windows are made 600/m. Instead, focus on the choice:

kitchen, toilet, cloakroom, etc., the demand for doors and windows is not high, the budget is not sufficient to ensure that the doors and windows here do not leak rain, water seepage can be. Bedrooms, study rooms, living rooms, etc. have high performance requirements for door and window sealing. Spending more money to replace these places can improve the life experience more than egalitarianism. Washing and drying balcony and living balcony have different functions. If there is an indoor partition between washing and drying balcony and residential area, balcony doors and windows only need to ensure safety. Comfortable living balcony has a very high demand for doors and windows, which must be made according to the specifications of bedroom doors and windows, even higher.

2. to select products

1, material: mainly divided into two kinds, one is ordinary aluminum is low and medium grade, single-layer structure is given priority to, the second is broken bridge aluminum, belongs to is medium and high grade, double-layer structure has heat insulation layer in the middle. Broken bridge aluminum series is a double-layer structure with heat insulation strips in the middle, which has good heat insulation effect in summer. Ordinary aluminum insulation effect is poor, live in high-rise and insulation requirements are recommended to use broken bridge aluminum series doors and windows.

2, own environment: close to downtown areas and roads, it is recommended to make casement windows, casement windows are open inside and outside, and their heat preservation effect and sealing are better than sliding windows. If you live in a relatively quiet community, you can choose an ordinary one with a relatively low budget cost, but now outer high-rise buildings are not allowed to use outer windows, and it is recommended to choose inner windows.

3, Processing: In the production process, the proficiency and product awareness of the operators are very important. The high-quality windows are finely processed, with smooth tangent lines and consistent angles (the main frame material is usually 45 degrees or 90 degrees). There will be no obvious gaps in the splicing process, with good sealing performance and smooth switching.

4. Performance: The performance of doors and windows has different emphases due to the different scope of use. Strength is whether it can withstand ultra-high pressure in the selection of profiles for doors and windows. Air tightness is mainly reflected in the structure of doors and windows, whether the inner fan and outer frame structures of doors and windows are tight, and whether the doors and windows are tight.

5. Price: As the price of doors and windows is directly related to the price of aluminum ingots, the price of doors and windows is relatively stable in a certain period of time. In general, the price of high-quality doors and windows is 30% higher than that of inferior doors and windows. Inferior doors and windows usually use recycled aluminum extruded aluminum profiles containing a large amount of impurities, and the wall thickness of the aluminum profiles used is only 0.6-0.8mm, whether it is from the tensile strength or yield are much lower than the relevant provisions of the state, this kind of doors and windows is not safe, so in the purchase of products do not figure a moment of cheap and despise the personal safety of themselves and others.

6, Appearance: When purchasing door and window products, we usually pay great attention to the appearance of the products and the decorative patterns of the glass, and often despise the composite film on the surface of the doors and windows. This composite film is formed by artificial oxide film coloring, which has corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high gloss and certain fire prevention function. Therefore, we should compare similar products when purchasing aluminum alloy door and window products. The glass process varies from person to person, and different owners choose according to their own preferences.

7, window screens: invisible screens, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are more common screen configuration, but not removable and washable. Removable screen window, the greatest convenience can be removed and washed. Protective fence screen window, anti-theft and anti-falling. Diamond mesh screen window, the most advanced screen window in broken bridge aluminum door and window screen window, removable and washable, that is, safe and anti-theft, the color of the screen window is changeable, if you want to make a bright space, you can make a light gray net, want to a little grade, not very concerned about lighting, you can choose double gray net.

8, Reputation and Service Quality: The reputation and service quality of merchants are very important! First of all, check whether the relevant qualification certification of the manufacturer is complete and true against the relevant industry standards. At the same time, pay attention to check the internal materials of the door lock hole before installation. Although we can't go to the manufacturer to see the production process, we can refer to the brand awareness. Xiao Kai firmly believes that one price and one product.

Finally, if the community developer uses aluminum alloy windows, it is not necessary to replace them, because the quality provided by the developer will not be very low. If the developer is making a plastic-steel window, it depends on whether there is any problem with the quality of the plastic-steel window. There is a square steel inside the plastic-steel window and a layer of plastic outside. The shelf life is relatively short. If you want to live for a long time, it is recommended to change it.