[Perspective Feixian] Last night, the headline of Linyi News praised Feixian!

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Last night, the headline of Linyi News column of Linyi TV station reported on Feixian's experience and practice in the transformation of new and old kinetic energy with the title of "Feixian: transformation and upgrading, adding vitality, changing cages and promoting development.

Last night, the headline of Linyi News on Linyi TV Station reported on Feixian's experience and practice in the conversion of new and old kinetic energy under the title "Feixian: Transformation and upgrading, adding vitality, changing cages and birds to promote development.

Feixian insists on taking the conversion of new and old kinetic energy as the guide, and strengthens a group of leading enterprises with large investment scale, strong innovation ability, and good quality and efficiency to ensure the high-quality development of the industrial economy.

In the Kemet production workshop, the machine is running at full capacity, during the epidemic, business orders did not drop but increased, which is behind the strong support of product quality.

Technology Management Department of Kemet New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.: It is when it is put into production. We often come up with a product first. The first inspection is also the first inspection. After the first inspection is qualified, we will continue to carry out a batch of production. in the process of putting into production. We will conduct random inspections on a regular basis. After making sure the sampling is qualified. We continue to produce. Such a process down, to ensure that our entire batch of products it's qualified rate of 100.

Through continuous innovation, the aluminum processing of enterprises has always occupied a place in the market. However, the company has not satisfied the status quo. In the past two years, it has continuously expanded the industrial chain and always maintained a mentality of being prepared for danger in times of peace.

Intern Reporter Dong Wenfan: This is Kemet's All-aluminum Custom Panoramic Life Experience Hall. All the main bodies here are assembled from aluminum materials like this in my hand. Unlike traditional aluminum materials, this aluminum material is sprayed with special paint on its surface, which can produce a large amount of negative oxygen ions, allowing users to breathe the freshness of nature without leaving home.

At present, there is a mixture of good and evil people in the whole house. How to break out of the siege? Kermit's card is "health". While other enterprises are still emphasizing quality and style, Kermit has injected more black technology into aluminum. This new product, which is about to be launched, adds a natural ore to the sprayed powder to create a different green home by releasing negative oxygen ions. Ou Qunlin, Executive Deputy General Manager of Kemet New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.: From the perspective of products at present. The negative oxygen ions it releases are close to the number of negative oxygen ions in mountainous areas.

In recent years, Kemet has maintained close industry-university-research cooperation with university research institutes, and has participated in the formulation of standards in 8 industries. Taking the road of innovation has allowed enterprises to maintain vigorous vitality. In Lunan Pharmaceutical Group, the company has effectively hedged the impact of the epidemic by actively adjusting its strategic layout through innovative thinking.

Intern Reporter Dong Wenfan: In the exhibition hall of New Era Pharmaceutical, various products developed by the company are displayed. The most obvious change in the past two years is the increasing number of Chinese medicine products. You are like me. The 22 exclusive Chinese medicine products placed on the shelf not only represent the company's research and development level and strength, but also mean that the company has the highest level of such drugs or dosage forms.

In recent years, with the implementation of centralized drug procurement and drug consistency evaluation by the state, the profits of chemical pharmaceuticals have decreased. For Lunan Pharmaceuticals, the advantages of several fist products in the first two years are weakening. At present, traditional Chinese medicine is the development direction advocated by the state. Enterprises seize the opportunity, lay out ahead of time, and vigorously develop the traditional Chinese medicine industry.

Liu Zhong, Deputy General Manager of Lunan Pharmaceutical Group: Look at this one, which is one of our traditional Chinese medicine products. It's called Xiaoer Xiaoji Zhike Oral Liquid. He coughed on the child's accumulated food, and the effect was very good. Sales of this product last year were around 0.6 billion. We intend to break through 1 billion in sales this year. There should be no problem.

In 2019, Lunan Pharmaceutical Group's Chinese medicine sales reached 1.9 billion billion, an increase of 70% over the same period, of which there are five or six kinds of Chinese medicine with a single product of more than 100 million. At present, the group is developing nearly 20 traditional Chinese medicine products. In order to ensure R & D funds, the enterprise maintains 7% of scientific research investment every year, so that the group can always maintain a steady stream of power in innovation and R & D.

Liu Zhong, Deputy General Manager of Lunan Pharmaceutical Group: If you don't invest, you don't innovate. If you rely on old products alone, you will eventually decline. Therefore, there must be new products. This continuous investment is the driving force for future growth and a fundamental and strong driving force for future development.

Chairman of Lunan Pharmaceutical Group Zhang Guimin: We still require Lunan's product line to maintain the advantages of chemical pharmaceuticals, vigorously develop traditional Chinese medicine, and expand and strengthen biological pharmaceuticals. In terms of research and development, we are a long-term investment process, and no one is strong or weak. But there may be strong and weak from the market application. In the past few years, we have done very well in chemical pharmacy. In the past two years, we have done better in traditional Chinese medicine. In the next few years, I think biological products will do better.

Enterprises are accelerating their efforts and the government continues to help. This year, Feixian County will unswervingly follow the road of establishing an industrial county, strengthening an industrial county and enriching an industrial county, focusing on the implementation of eight major projects. Among them, a 12-square-kilometer pharmaceutical and biological park has been planned around the innovative development of new medicine. At present, four high-tech pharmaceutical enterprises, including New Era Pharmaceutical and Hengxin Pharmaceutical, have entered the agglomeration development effect has been highlighted.

Zhang Qian, member of the Party Working Committee of Feixian Economic Development Zone: We have strengthened the supporting infrastructure of enterprises with the mode of enterprises entering the park, and will strengthen the unified service management of enterprises to help biomedical enterprises quickly obtain technology, capital, talents and other resources, so as to promote the pharmaceutical industry to be more standardized.