Manufacturing Requirements of Aluminum Profile Extrusion Process Die

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The manufacture of aluminum profile extrusion die is also one of the key factors that determine its quality and service life. Because aluminum extrusion dies have a series of characteristics, high requirements are required for aluminum profile die-making technology:

aluminum profile extrusion die is also one of the key factors that determine its quality and service life. Due to a series of characteristics of aluminum extrusion dies, high requirements are required for aluminum profile die making technology:
1. Due to the harsh working conditions of aluminum alloy extrusion dies, they need to withstand high temperature, high pressure and high friction in the extrusion process. Therefore, requires the use of high-strength heat-resistant alloy steel , the processes of melting, casting, forging, heat treatment, electrical processing, machining and surface treatment of these steels are very complicated, which brings a series of difficulties to mold processing.
2. In order to improve the service life of the aluminum extrusion die and ensure the surface quality of the product, requires the roughness of the working belt of the die cavity to reach 0.8-0.4 μm and the roughness of the die plane to reach less than 1.6μm. Therefore, special polishing process and polishing equipment are required when making the die.
3. Due to the development of extruded products in the direction of high, fine and sharp, the wall thickness of some profiles and pipes is required to be reduced to about 0.5mm, and the tolerance of extruded aluminum products is required to reach +/-0.05mm. In order to extrude this ultra-high precision product, the manufacturing accuracy of the mold is required to reach 0.01mm. cannot be manufactured by traditional technology at all. Therefore, it is required to update the process and adopt new special equipment. For example: CNC lathes, CNC machining centers and cut-wire processing and other advanced high-precision processing equipment.
4. The section of aluminum profile is very complicated, especially for ultra-high precision thin-walled hollow aluminum profile and porous hollow wall plate aluminum profile. requires a special extrusion die structure, and a plurality of special-shaped holes are often opened on one mold at the same time. The thickness of each section of changes sharply, the relevant dimensions are complicated, and there are many arc corners, this brings a lot of trouble to the processing and heat treatment of the mold.
5. Aluminum profile extrusion products have a wide variety, small batch size, frequent mold change, and require strong mold adaptability. Therefore, it is required to improve mold production efficiency, shorten mold making cycle as much as possible, change mold making procedures quickly, and accurately process qualified molds according to drawings. reduces the workload of mold making to a minimum .
6. As the application range of aluminum profile extrusion products is becoming more and more extensive and the specification range is very wide, there are small molds with an external dimension of 100mm × 25mm as light as several kilograms, and large molds with an external dimension of 1800mm × 450mm weighing more than 2000kg. There are small extrusion shafts with dimensions of 65mm x 800mm as light as several kilograms, and large extrusion cylinders with dimensions of 2500mm x 2600mm and weighing more than 100t. The huge difference in mold specifications and quality, requires completely different manufacturing methods and procedures, and completely different processing equipment.
7. There are many kinds of extrusion dies, complex structures and high assembly accuracy requirements. In addition to special processing methods and special equipment, special tooling fixtures and tools and special heat treatment methods are still required.
8. In order to improve the quality and service life of the mold, in addition to selecting reasonable materials and optimizing the design, still needs to adopt the best heat treatment process and surface strengthening process, to obtain moderate mold hardness and high surface quality, which is especially important for difficult-to-extrude products with particularly complex shapes and molds with special structures. In summary, the processing technology of aluminum extrusion die is different from the general mechanical manufacturing process, but a special technology with great difficulty and wide coverage. In order to produce high-quality and high-life molds, in addition to the selection and preparation of high-quality mold materials, it is necessary to develop a reasonable cold processing technology, electrical processing technology, heat treatment technology and surface treatment.