To reach the peak of the industry, Kemet Company won the top 20 enterprises of China's construction aluminum profiles.

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Since China's top 20 construction aluminum enterprises freshly released, Kemet company is among them, the heat is not reduced. This time, Kemet Company was honored to be on the list, especially three aluminum profile enterprises in Shandong, which are inseparable from the scale strength and brand value behind them. It has successively accepted the extensive attention and reports of people's daily economic network, Phoenix New Media, Tencent home furnishing, Sina and other media.

has been freshly released from China's top 20 construction aluminum companies, with Kemet among them, and the heat is not decreasing. This time, Kemet Company was honored to be on the list, especially three aluminum profile enterprises in Shandong, which are inseparable from the scale strength and brand value behind them. It has successively accepted the extensive attention and reports of people's daily economic network, Phoenix New Media, Tencent home furnishing, Sina and other media.

On the morning of December 29, 2017, the press conference of "2017 (3rd) China Construction Aluminum Top 20 and China Copper Strip Top 10 Enterprises Re-evaluation Results" was held in China, Haidian District, Beijing Science and Technology Hall. With its huge production scale, excellent technical level, advanced aluminum profile production line, high standard product quality, very fast growth rate, and its social responsibility image of actively responding to the national government's environmental protection and energy saving policies, Shandong Kemet Company won the honor of "Top 20 Chinese Construction Aluminum Profile Enterprises.

It is understood that this selection is sponsored by the China Nonferrous Metal Processing Industry Association, and has undergone on-site inspection by an expert group organized by the China Nonferrous Metal Processing Industry Association, review by the expert advisory committee, and final review by the chairman's office, the evaluation is based on enterprise scale, innovation strength, product quality, economic indicators, production management, market development, staff construction, equipment level, energy conservation and environmental protection, social responsibility and sustainable development. Can be called this year's aluminum profile industry more authoritative and more gold content of the peak list. After rigorous review by the expert group, Kemet successfully ranked among the top 20 Chinese construction aluminum profile companies with all-round advantages, once again proving its important industry position and strong corporate strength.

Strong strength, laying the foundation

In recent years, Kemet Company has provided high-quality aluminum profiles for a number of key projects at home and abroad with its comprehensive corporate strength, and has created environmental protection and energy saving in the industry., A precedent for one-stop service solutions. In the course of many years of development, Kemet has always paid strict attention to product quality, focused on brand building, implemented the road of energy conservation and environmental protection green development, actively participated in the construction of industry standards, and developed rapidly and healthily at a rate of not less than 30% every year. it has played an indelible role in promoting the development of the industry and the construction of quality buildings.

At present, Kemet Company has two major industrial bases of Kemet Aluminum and Kemet New Materials, covering an area of more than 1000 mu, with an annual output of 150000 tons of various construction and industrial aluminum profiles. The products cover all parts of the country and are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions. Product popularity and market coverage are expanding day by day, and sales are steadily increasing. Now it has steadily entered the first-line enterprises of domestic aluminum profile production enterprises, and has achieved fruitful results in the development process. It has successively won: "National High-tech Enterprise", "China Construction Aluminum Profile Top 20 Enterprises", "China Real Estate Building Insulation Aluminum Profile Preferred Strength Brand", "China Building Insulation Aluminum Profile Top 20 Enterprises" and many other gold-rich and authoritative honors, and has been continuously selected as the provincial and municipal construction industrial products association, doors and windows curtain wall professional committee chairman unit.

Adhering to Quality, Intensive Research and Innovation

In the process of rapid development, Kemet Company has always adhered to the quality concept of "quality is in the slightest, satisfaction is in the details" and the innovation concept of "focus on innovation and drive the market", and has made unremitting efforts in the quality of products.

In terms of product quality control, on the basis of strictly implementing the ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 management system, Kemet Company has made continuous breakthroughs. With strict requirements higher than the national standards, it insists on using high-quality raw materials, continuously introduces good production equipment and production technology, and formulates strict technical standards and quality control standards for subdivided production processes, and by the national recognized real company testing center for internal inspection, regular inspection and are through the national quality supervision and spot checks to ensure that the products are qualified.

Not only that, Kemet Company is one of the first enterprises to introduce the concept of lean production in the domestic aluminum profile industry. Within the company, the concept of all-staff lean quality management is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In terms of R & D, production, logistics and transportation, product testing and other processes, Kemet Company is equipped with professional quality inspection personnel to carry out accurate and in-depth repeated inspection of each aluminum profile. In addition, the company regularly organizes QC group activities to ensure the perfection of product quality to a greater extent.

While adhering to the foundation of quality, Kemet's emphasis on product innovation and process innovation is also in the forefront of the industry. In the process of rapid development, Kemet has always been based on quality, paid close attention to innovation, and unswervingly Encourage scientific researchers to innovate boldly and persist in innovation.

In recent years, Kemet has successively completed 54 key R & D projects and obtained provincial inspection reports, of which 13 projects have been included in provincial technological innovation projects; 79 patents have been obtained, including 10 utility model patents., 67 design patents, 2 invention patents; successively won the honorary titles of "National High-tech Enterprise" and "Chinese Patent Shandong Star Enterprise, recognized as" provincial enterprise technology center ", with" municipal insulation profile engineering research and development center "and other sophisticated research and development platform.

Green Development, Leading the Future

In Kermit's development strategy, quality is the foundation, innovation is the driving force, and green development is the long-term social responsibility. Since the establishment of the company, Kemet has been sticking to the road of green development, constantly exploring ways to realize "green development, circular development, and low-carbon development", and has formed a unique green energy-saving advantage in product quality and production technology.

Focusing on the development of new green aluminum alloy products, Kemet has been actively carrying out energy-saving production equipment, energy-saving production process and intelligent management and energy-saving work for many years, and has hired a team of authoritative experts to provide technical guidance and equipment upgrade services. In recent years, Kemet has successively invested heavily in establishing high-standard sewage treatment lines, comprehensively updating the production line of chromium-free passivation products, and realizing real-time collection, statistics, analysis and storage of energy consumption data, saving a lot of labor costs. The energy consumption per unit product of various aluminum alloy building profiles is lower than the advanced value of energy consumption per unit product in the national standard, and has come to the forefront of the industry on the road of energy-saving and environmental protection manufacturing.

not only uses energy-saving and environmental protection technology in the production process, but also the aluminum profile products of Kemet company have unique advantages of green environmental protection. Its high-end customized "Mikel" building door and window curtain wall system has been certified as "China's energy-saving products" by the National Quality Certification Center, "55 series casement products" and "82 series push-pull products" and other high-quality safety and energy-saving products have been included In the national government procurement list, it has become a veritable green pioneer in the aluminum profile industry, laying a solid foundation for the long-term development of the company. With its multi-faceted advantages, Kemet Company has made continuous breakthroughs in engineering projects, and now it has become a good choice for many domestic first-line real estate companies. Its products are used in many landmark buildings at home and abroad, including the National Museum, Xinhua News Agency, Rizhao Airport, Tianjin Yihu Manor, Shenzhen Changfu Jinmao Building, Jilin City Grand Theater and a series of typical projects, both chose Kemet as the aluminum supplier.

won the top 20 enterprises of China's construction aluminum profile this time, which is a great recognition of the comprehensive strength of Kemet Company. In the future, Kemet will, as always, strengthen and make long-term enterprises with responsibility and conscience, constantly strengthen the construction of software and hardware such as personnel, equipment and systems, uphold the industry mission and social responsibility, and constantly increase investment in scientific and technological innovation. to provide customers with better quality aluminum products, leading the green and sustainable development of China's construction aluminum profile industry.