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Production Process

Production Process

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  Having comprehensively introduced an ERP system, the company carries out all-process management, including the formulation of material purchasing plans, order sequencing, production order management and book-to-bill, to promote meticulous management, guarantee production orders, and improve the production efficiency.
  The company has introduced international leading casting equipment from Germany, which features high ingot quality, high ingot yield, short process, high efficiency, as well as reduction in human resources and energy consumption.
  The company has established a cooperative relationship with Jiangshun Mold, Foshan Jinchengshun Mold and other domestic famous mold enterprises, and has the capacity of researching, developing and designing high-end aluminum profile molds.
  The company has many 600T, 1,000T and 2,500T extruders all of which come from domestic and foreign famous brands. Equipped with good wind quenching, fog quenching and water quenching equipment, the extruders can meet the requirements on mechanical properties of aluminum profiles in different states.
  The company's spraying production line is a vertical spraying and wood grain production line which is automatically and intelligently controlled by an Italian technology, and is in an international leading level. Automatically controlled by computers, the production line is characterized by unlimited spraying shape, higher applicability to powder, more uniform powdering, good surface adhesive quality, higher production efficiency, and low production energy consumption (about 30% lower than that of the traditional production lines). The product features high corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance, as well as long service life.The heat insulation production line is divided into an insertion methodology type and an injection type.
  The oxidation electrophoresis production line is a world-class automatic and intelligent control horizontal type oxidation electrophoresis production line, which features high degree of automation, accurately controlled process parameters, and high product quality, and can be used for producing mono-salt, bi-salt, painted and frosted products, etc.