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Distinguished leaders, partners, users and friends:
  Thanks to your choice of Kemet products, it is because of your years of support and help that Kemet can thrive and full of vitality, for which we are deeply grateful!
  Kemet follows the "integration, innovation, progress" development concept, adhering to the "customer satisfaction, enterprise development, employee happiness, social progress" business purpose, carefully built technology, heart-made products, dedicated to service, Wholeheartedly to provide you with high-quality products and guaranteed services, to create a high-quality life!
  In line with the quality concept of "elaborate and exquisite products" and the innovation view of "continuous improvement system upgrading", Kemet pursues the perfection of the products. Occasional defects are not our intention, constantly improve the quality of products, the pursuit of zero defects is our basic goal; constantly innovate product features and service methods, to provide you with personalized integrated solutions is our higher requirements!
  We are encouraged by the fact that the Kemet brand is being recognized and used by more and more customers, and with greater responsibility and pressure, we will continue to forge ahead, focus on building the core strengths of our products and services, and dedicate ourselves to the energy conservation of human aluminum. Environmental protection, taste life construction!
  Let us join hands to create a better future for aluminum life!