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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

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  Companies adhere to the "customer satisfaction, business development, employee well-being and social progress," the business purpose, will promote social progress and corporate responsibility as a duty in providing valuable products to the community, improve the quality of people's lives, while actively participating in public and public service activities.
  Strengthen the production process transformation, strict production management, adhere to energy saving technology production skills environmentally friendly products. The company invested more than 300 million, will be casting workshop casting furnace burning natural gas instead of coal-fired, significantly reducing air pollution and dust pollution; invest 40 million to build two sewage treatment lines and built a chromium-containing wastewater treatment plant, treated after the wastewater discharge standards, at present, is the first and only one in Linyi obtain wastewater discharge certificate aluminum company. After strengthening energy transformation, the transformation of the energy consumption per ton of aluminum rod from the original 130 cubic meters of natural gas dropped to 54 cubic meters per ton of product than before the reform to reduce costs by about 190 yuan, more than 150 million years to create profits.
  Priority placement employment of local residents, boosting the local economy, and a positive commitment to other social responsibilities.
  Actively participate in various social welfare activities, over the years for various social contributions of 10 million yuan.
  The company actively arrange direct persons with disabilities and children work in the company, led disabled families out of the woods;
  2009 contributions to the Academy of Fine Arts Scholarship 30,000 yuan Linyi University, Linyi University to celebrate the 70th anniversary of its establishment, the company in July 2011 to the value of 120,000 yuan Linyi University donated items to support the development of education; 2009 so far through the "Dream action "to contribute more than $ 200,000 poor students, care about their children grow, help more than a dozen students to complete their studies;
  In 2010 more than 30 million donation to the Linyi City Samaritan Foundation, to promote the healthy social trends make a significant contribution to build a harmonious home.
  The company annually participate in "compassion Donation Day" activities, since 2009 has accumulated nearly 300,000 yuan donation. The company has always insisted on funding for poor workers, since the plant has a total staff of more than 30 people helping the poor, donated more than 100 million.
  The company actively carry out "business to help the village" campaign to Linyi North White High-tech Zone Rossi bucun support 1.2 million yuan in cash, effectively promoting the building of a new socialist countryside. Since 2009 to date, the company has always been a Red Cross blood center "reserve blood bank", the company organized the staff enthusiastically blood donation, love and dedication, as of now, the company employs a total donation of more than 2,000 people, has been municipal leaders and Red Cross Blood Center of praise.