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Talent Strategy

Talent Strategy

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  The company has more than 1,800 employees, including 5 doctors, graduate 20 people, 90 senior titles, intermediate grade 150 people, the state registered Intermediate Quality Engineer 2, Chief Quality Officer 1.
  KEMET NEW MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD Kai Mite based on long-term development, vigorously implement the "technology", "talent thriving enterprise" strategy, the "human resources" as the core development of the company and the main support, scientific management and people management phase combined, concerns institutional security system and staff development environment to build, focused on building high-quality talent and learning enterprise.
  (1) tolerance is a big, established talent introduction, nurturing long-term mechanism
  Strengthen the industry and the introduction of non-industry senior personnel, and for the introduction of talent to provide excellent working environment, design long-term growth path and incentives to encourage new entrants into the business development staff to provide new thinking and inexhaustible creativity .
  (2) Germany who applied before, build effective talent selection mechanism
  How much heart, how much capacity, the stage is as big. Insist on merit, because it applies boldly want to do things that can do things, make things employees in a fair, just and open concept of employment, competition and create employee awareness and uplifting atmosphere of growth.
  (3) people-oriented, to build a sound mechanism to protect the interests of workers
  The company signed with the trade unions in accordance with law "collective contract", "collective wage bargaining agreements," according to the gradual implementation of labor insurance policy, equality and cooperation to form a relationship with the staff, so that the labor rights of employees are effectively fully protected.
  (4) Qi struggling to build employees and enterprises sharing mechanism
  The company will provide free good accommodation conditions, efforts to improve employees' working conditions and environment, to carry out a wealth of cultural and sports activities and cultural life, and to establish reasonable and standardized compensation management system to ensure that the remuneration of employees can fully reflect the value of labor, to achieve enterprises and employees mutual benefit and win, and employees sharing and development results of enterprises, build a harmonious atmosphere for business.