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Kemet mission:
Committed to the construction of human aluminum energy-saving, environmental protection, quality of life
Kemet vision:
Become a respectable provider of all-in-one aluminum solutions
Kemet's core values:
Take customer as the center, take the contributor as the center, create and share for win-win
The management of Kemet follows the following business philosophy:
[Entrepreneurship]: hard work and learning is used to open up a strict, good-hearted and sincere way to climb the peak again
[concept of work]: design Innovation Lean Servic
[outlook on talent]: quality, performance, history, future
[view of Management]: process Standardization, Informatization and Lean
[view of Service]: thorough and considerate
[concept of Innovation]: continuous improvement of system upgrading
[R & D view]: leading the Market to create benefits
[view of quality]: elaborate and exquisite works
[concept of Learning]: continuous Learning for practical use
[benefit view]: increasing income and saving expenditure continuously and efficiently
[concept of development]: integration of innovation and progress
[Career outlook]: do something valuable to the company, and do something that contributes to the company.