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Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

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  Kemet as one of the integrated large-scale enterprises, is a large, comprehensive and modern enterprise that integrates high-grade building aluminum, decorative aluminum, industrial aluminum, whole house and all aluminum custom windows, doors and windows and home development, design, production, sales and services. Located in the "Green Industry platform"-Linyi City, Shandong Province, the country's logistics capital, the high-tech zone and Fei County now have two production bases, covering a total area of more than 670000sqm. With an annual production capacity of one hundred and fifty thousand tons of aluminum and Twenty hundred thousand square meters of product customization and deep processing capacity, for the country's first-line aluminum profile processing and manufacturing enterprises.
  The company has a complete range of products, including anodizing, electrophoresis coating (with light and extinction), powder spraying, fluorocarbon paint spraying, waterborne paint spray, wood pattern transfer printing, stereoscopic wood pattern, 3D/4D handle three-dimensional wood pattern, wearing strip heat insulation, Plastic injection insulation, foam insulation and other building and industrial profiles, widely used in building doors and windows engineering, large-scale curtain wall, high-grade decoration and industrial manufacturing and other fields. High-end "Mikel" system door and window curtain wall system, Linyi city is the first certified by the national quality certification center "energy-saving products", has been included in the national energy-saving products procurement list.
  The company adhere to the "innovation, drive the market", internal specialized R & D and application design institutions, external and dealers experts, well-known universities and industry research institutions to establish a close production, learning, research and research cooperation and patent sharing system, The enterprise technology center is recognized as the provincial enterprise technology center and owns the thermal insulation profile engineering research center. The company focuses on the introduction of international advanced equipment, in line with pure aluminum process, international standards. Technical performance leading, process energy conservation and environmental protection, production adhere to "quality first", the whole process of lean management, scientific planning of orders, ensure the delivery of products, determined to do industry production management benchmarking.
  The company's rapid and steady development has been affirmed by governments and departments at all levels, and has won numerous honors: "well-known trademarks in China", "National High-tech Enterprises", "Top 20 Enterprises in Construction Aluminum Profiles of China". "China's real estate building insulation aluminum profile brand of first choice", "the national construction insulation aluminum profile 20 enterprises", "China aluminum profile industry ten influential brands", "China's patented Shandong Star Enterprise", "Shandong famous brand," "Shandong famous Trademark", "Shandong Province honors the contract heavy credit enterprise", "the mayor quality award" and so on, and has been continuously selected as the provincial and municipal construction industrial products association, doors and windows curtain wall specialty Unit of the chairman of the committee.
  Kemet products, Kemet brand has been widely recognized and used by the majority of customers. At present, customers throughout the country, and export to Africa, South America and Southeast Asia and other international markets. Is the National Museum, Xinhua News Agency, Rizhao Airport, Tianjin Yihu Manor, Shenzhen Changfu Jinmao Building, Jilin City Grand Theater, Linyi Qilu Garden Square and so on a series of typical aluminum profile suppliers, and with Rongsheng, Fuli, Shenglong, Green and other well-known real estate group established a strategic partnership.
  The company will always adhere to the "integration, innovation, development" concept of development, vigorously implement the value chain layout and big brand development strategy, and provide customers with a leading solution for building decoration integration with aluminum profiles as the core. Committed to the construction of China's new urbanization and the improvement of people's quality of life, to create greater social value.
  Kemet aluminum, start the quality of life!